ON MARCH 6, 1977 AT 2:50 PM


“There are so many avenues in This Great Miracle and so many areas, that each man in the world has a place, just as each man in the world has a Place in Heaven.  When all men come to that point where they will want to enter the Gate, the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be able to say to Those they meet: ‘Have You seen my Place yet?  Have you learned about my way?  Do you know the Bookkeeper?’ And They will say: ‘The books were kept by The Father Almighty.  He is The One Who will Judge you today.’

Perhaps this is just a story of how it will be when you come This Way, but oh, My children, remember this:  It is a fact you will come This Way, for when you pass from the earth and the time in between, you will come Here and say: ‘God, let me in.  I know that upon the earth there were many things I did not do, but please understand, I was little and human too.’

I love you, My children, with a Love you cannot know.  I am a Saint you have not heard much from, but I, too, walked the earth below.  I am Saint Felicitas.  Remember My Name, for as I speak I say, ‘I want you to know that the physical life is truly no game.’ And when you talk to The Father one day, know that I, too, walked the path, and look at Him today, and I say, ‘Father, let Me be the One to help the children come to Thee,’ and He says, ‘Felicitas, Many are Here to help the children come My Way.’

So, as I speak through This Great Miracle and I take the child away, wait; Another will talk in a short time, for the child’s exhaustion is obvious to Us, and time will give her the strength.  So be it.”

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