ON MARCH 6, 1977 AT 3:32 PM


“My beloved children, I am your Father.  I have surrounded this child with Many of My Saints; at this moment, the Number more than you would understand, but the Beauty of Their participation in My Divine Plan, My Will for the good of man.

This child is subject to My Call at any moment of the day. This child is subject to My Will every moment of the day.  This Miracle I have placed upon the world for you, for the whole of the world, for all men to view the Reality of Me, the Love I Am, the Hope I give, the Strength I pour forth through man, is a Miracle of Justice, a Miracle of Light, a Miracle of Benefit, so one day you will feel and see and know Divine Light.

I am truly The Father of all men, and the Power I Am is Far Greater than this child could stand.  That is why she found difficulty in talking, for as My Beloved Saints passed by I had to diminish the Power, for the physical of her would have fallen dead. The child is constantly aware that the Power could take her in a moment, the Power of Me, for I am The Father of all mankind.  I am The Controller of the universe, the earth, the land and the sea.

I have given this child a mission upon the earth, the mission to work solely for Me.  There is no question in this child’s way that what is given is not Divine Way.  The innocence she stands in, the perseverance, the love, is to do My Will for all Souls to come Here Above.  Sainthood awaits.  I await.  I send through a human being in the world My Desire for all men to become a Saint.  What is Sainthood, My children?  It is a Life Here with Me, to work, to serve, to love and to live, and to help others come This Way.

The Power of Me waters the child’s eyes, for the Vision of The Saints penetrates the Soul of her way. This child was given a task, a mission, and she says to Me each day: ‘Let me not stray, My God.  Let me do it solely Your Way.  Let those who do not believe find another path, but allow This Great Miracle to do what it must do, and to touch those You desire it to.’ No child has ever walked this way.

There are Two Great Facets to This Miracle in your day:  One, My children, is the Spiritual — My Teaching, My Love, My Direction and My Hope; the Other, the physical means for you to come This Way, for you to learn about Me — something for you to cling to, a Physical Place, a Place where you can kneel, a Place where you can stand, a Place where you can learn, a Place where you can feel the necessity of man; a Place where you can bring others, not just to pray, but to learn to live My Way.

This child’s eyes are owned by Me; this child’s physical, totally directed by Me; this child’s love, for Me First, above all men; this child’s hope, that This Great Miracle will give Me the satisfaction I desire for men.  What you have seen in these last moments is the stillness of My Power, the Light of Which I Am, and how subject this child is to Me, to give to you My Plan:  the stillness of her body, almost close to death; the sound of her voice, the physical that has faced many tests, the human need, the flow of blood, the beat of the heart that I control; I have given to the world a Miracle, a child totally Mine, for the world to behold what I want of them.

I bless you from the Heavens, not for your degree of Faith, but for your littleness in Faith.  I bless you and I say, ‘I am The Creator of All Things, and through The Beloved Joseph’s Name I come into the world and All Words are Mine, for you see, It is My Miracle for the world, to teach, to instruct, to deliver My Will for the good of man.’ Be blessed, walk in truth, find the path I have chosen for you.

It will take this child four hours to be released totally from the Power I have extended.  I warn those close to her to watch her closely.  She will, as you know, try to return to Me, not physically.  I am The Light of the world, I am The Hope.  I do not teach falsely.”

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