ON AUGUST 6, 1977 AT 11:00 PM


“My beloved sons, I am Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney.  I come in pleasure to discuss the profitable manner for all men to seek out, seek in, seek through, the glorious way to honor and obey The Heavenly Father in your day, your way.

Many men must gather in force to stand in a gracious way, depicting honor, courage, justice, hope, Faith, charity and love.  You live, not in different times, but in erroneous, turbulent, immoral ways:  self-discipline versus self-righteousness; laxity and permissiveness versus motivation, justice.

Men must begin to look into the solid definition of purity and sterility.  Men have forsaken the avenues of challenge, triggering motivation to realistic paths to accomplish the fulfillment of the physical role.

A bone is a bone.  Chemically broken down, men can find words for substances.  Impurity is impurity.  Men can find excuses, causing justifiability to why something is impure rather than pure.  Men confuse purity with sterility.  Let Me, Saint John Vianney, tell you this: ‘Purity has life, light, action.  It has motivation, wisdom.  It contains realistic self-discipline.  Purity, in its true meaning, says control, innocence, clarity, clear.  Sterility says immobility without life:  no action, no challenge, no mobility of light.’

This Society1, bearing My Name, is to radiate throughout the world, hope, purity, sincerity, understanding, charity.  It is a Society of action, motivation, projectability, fulfillment, moral standards, moral values.  It is a Society of men, established to persevere, united for the good of men’s Souls, for men to seek out Sainthood.

Be proud of your desire to become a Saint.  It is a rich, worthy Goal.  You will find Me always interested in and willing to help your Soul.  To think of Heaven can be a pastime.  To reach for Heaven takes time.  To arrive in Heaven is the Will of The Divine.  So be it.”

1 Refers to The Society Of Saint John Vianney.

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