ON AUGUST 20, 1977 AT 11:25 PM


“Sometimes I come forward to the earth to extend a Love not known and different, a Love to give strength for you to serve in a particular area, for you to be able to stand up to the trials and the errors, the adversities, turbulence and problems.

I say to men, ‘You gain Grace.’ Man says, ‘What is Grace?’ I say, ‘Grace is a Blessing, it is a Gift, it is a Strength, and in It you will feel a better love, a deeper hope, and you will feel strength to stand against all odds alone.’

I hand a very light Oil through a small child’s hands.  It is the Oil of Sanctity, the Oil of Hope.  It is the Oil of Love, and yes, it is the Oil of Faith.  This Oil you have been handed is to give you the strength and the courage it will take to fight the odds you will face, to express to the world My Will, My Way. The child’s hands, small in structure, are My Instruments in many ways.

This child faces a bombardment of great enemies, and in this stand she must take, is faced with areas unpredictable and yet important in every way.

As you stand in the world, accepting The Sign of The Cross and the Sign of a garment depicting a favored place, vocation1, I say to you now, ‘Be aware and be understanding that all things will come from your action, from your motives, from the manner in which you face each issue, for you will be extended Grace, and in this Grace you will have the honor to serve greater, deeper for The Holy Trinity.’

I speak slowly through this child for the physical is beyond repair, and I say to you on this night, ‘Only I can hold this child in place when the physical is spent.’

Tonight you were handed Grace, you were handed the Oils of Sanctity.  Never feel it is wrong.  Always know that favors such as this are given to help you and to make you strong.

Be aware of the Light of the Heavens.  Be aware of the necessity of all your work for the good of your Soul.  Men have omitted the attention on the Soul, and I say to you tonight: ‘The Soul is a Great Love of Mine for the whole of mankind.  The Soul is the Beauty of Light that must return to Me, not tonight, but one night some time from now.’

Be in peace, be tranquil, and yet persevere.  Let other men understand that purity is a necessity and that necessity bears responsibility, and that responsibility gives you strength to go on and on and on.  Please, My children, on this night, know, that as you stand in the world I come to the world to bless you.  So many things are yet to be done, so many places to be accomplished for My Will among men:  much building in the world, much progress, but above all, much Purpose for the good of Souls.

You are Blessed in many ways for your Faith, in your Faith.  You are Blessed also, that the courage to stand strong will be yours, and Everlasting Grace.  Be blessed, and in this Blessing, I say, ‘The Sign you look to, the Cross and the garment, are special in every way.’  So be it.”

1 Reference is to The Society Of Saint John Vianney logo which depicts the Cross and the Surplice.

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