ON SEPTEMBER 24, 1977 AT 2:12 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bonaventure.  I will speak strongly through this child for I demonstrate the Power of the Heavens, and through the weakness you know her voice to be, the Power of Me is extended openly.  Many men do not see the Magnitude, the Magnificence, the Power of God, the Beauty of The Holy Trinity, through This Great Miracle of Hope for the whole world.  Children must understand that a child is in the midst who stands for the good of man, under the Direction of The Holy Trinity.

This child is put at rest now in a human form to give her the strength to go on.  Few men understand such a need as this. This child is not distressed but concerned over the many things that are taking place and will take place because of the littleness of man, the weaknesses of man and the hypocrisy of man.  Men are selfish where this child is concerned and their indignancies are full of self-love, self-purpose, never selflessness as man.

Purity is to be taught through this child in many areas.  Men will seek her out, if they are wise men, to find the paths, the roads to purity. This child is an instrument of The Father, the funnel through which He sends Many Words of Direction, Concern and Reasonings. This child is a channel of Truth, a Purpose of life and for life, and a Reason for living, for all mankind.

So many men take casually What is said through her.  So many men listen, hear, but do nothing about the purpose of the Words that come through her from Here. This child, though an instrument, has soundness unknown to man, and men do not understand that to bear this soundness takes great strength, courage, and commitment to The Father Who is Here.

The whole world has been told of this child’s existence, the Reason for This Great Miracle and the Purpose It was intended, but men ignore It because It will cause them to change their thinking, and the pettiness they feel will have to change.

I, Saint Bonaventure, say to the world through this child, and I shout it through a very weak voice: ‘You had better listen.  The time when suffering will have to be is near.’ Men are ignoring the Power of God, they are ignoring the Reason He has come to the world and they are abusing a Miracle of Him.  The world says, ‘Send me a Miracle.’ The Father sends a Miracle and the men in the world abuse It by ignoring It, first; by not doing what It says, secondly; and third, by saying It cannot be, it is not yet time for Him.

Oh, My beloved children, I shout from the Heavens Where I am and I say: ‘There are so many men falsifying issues and destroying God’s Love.  They are blaspheming Him and they are causing diabolical pressures to enter in.  They are not using good sense; they are using the sense of self-love.  They are forgetting purity.  They are forgetting the dignity of manhood that was put upon the earth to return the Soul to God.’

God is Real, The Son is Real, The Beloved Heavenly Mother, Real; and The Beloved Joseph, Who is truly The Holy Ghost, The Holy Spirit of the Heavens, the Light and the Wisdom, the Hope and the Love, and the Desire of The Father for all men to come Above.  So be it.”

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