ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1977 AT 6:21 PM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother. A child, used upon the earth, clings to My Garment and shouts, ‘Help me to know, help me to understand why I have failed God in His Plan.’ And I say to you from Heaven Where I am, ‘Failure is not the child’s, but man’s.’ It is now as it was a long time ago when We walked the land.  Fierce men, indifference, paganistic views, irreverent ideas, blasphemous accusations, corrupt avenues for power, were also then.

The child is more easily victimized than men know, for there is always the balance she must consider, always the problems that could occur, and what men do not see is that every word must be weighed, every action accounted for.

Men are deceitful in their attitude toward this child.  She knows this.  She has been prepared well, not to accept, not to understand, but the Power of Discernment is always at hand:  to discern what is right, what is good, what is best, what is the most important act at that moment.  Criticism comes easy through men, against a child who stands subservient to The Father, listening for His Direction, and yet totally in command.

I wonder if you will take a trip with Me to a battlefield.  On one side are those who believe in The Holy Trinity.  On the other side are those who believe in the easy way of things, the enemy of The Father.  Combat is ready to begin, each side ready to stand up to the obstacles, the force.  Which side do you think will win?  Men would take bets.  They would be foolish enough to do this.  Man would stand back and decide that there were reasons behind each side; maybe some were good for both.  How can men say this?  When The Father approaches evil, there is no good in the evil.  And so the evil must be won and must be destroyed.

The attack has begun. The child is the leader on the side of God and the child is forging ahead.  What those surrounding her do not see are the Words spoken to her, directing her in where to attack, what to attack, how to attack, the means, the manner in which it must be.  And now I ask you to see each man on each side, facing each other.  This is no time, when you are ready to strike out evil, to be kind, gentle, concerned.  I, your Heavenly Mother, say, ‘Strike, for the evil will envelop you and you will be lost through sin.’

Oh, My beloved children, there is a greater battle in the world than you know and The Father has given you a warrior to lead, a woman in the world and yet not of the world; a woman who stands ready to accept the balance of things, unconcerned with how men feel, unconcerned with opinion, and always ready to fight for what is right and the justice of things.

I, your Heavenly Mother, The One you truly love and I know this, I have come to express that you have the privilege of a Miracle in the world:  The Miracle of Light, The Miracle of Birth, The Miracle of Truths, The Miracle of Justice, and through This Miracle justice must be seen, Faith must be renewed, hope must be given, charity must show.  And the type of love that you must respond to and help others to respond in, is love for The Father Above, most.

Oh, My beloved children, this child truly stands for The Holy Ghost, and yet you will find in her way, concern.  The weight of This Great Miracle, the responsibility of It is always first.  And when this child recognizes arrogance, ignorance, disgrace, ego, pride, she always uses the scale of balance, the lever of truth, and there is not one present here who can say otherwise.

I bless you from the Heavens in The Father’s Name, which is closely connected to Mine.  And I bless you in the Name of The Son that gave you the Temple.  And I bless you in the Name of The One that stands in the world now, that stood a long time ago as the Foundation of Christianity for all time.  So be it.”

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