ON OCTOBER 23, 1977 AT 6:55 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bonaventure.  I have spoken many times through this child who, in strict obedience, must speak when We desire to be heard.

Evidences of This Great Miracle are in great number and men are refusing to look into Them, for men want only to act, think, do, see, feel, learn, know, follow, what their instincts tell them.

Oftentimes, when speaking through this child, circumstances arise, indifferences are felt, and others’ needs are seen.  The pressure put upon this child is one alone.

Men must begin to see the advantages of This Great Miracle, the Value It is to the whole world, and the Purpose for which It was given:  for men to learn from, see in, be directed by, and instilled with Knowledge, Wisdom, Faith, Hope, Truth, Logic and Example.

A sufficient amount of Words have already been spoken through this child, with Direction, in Direction, through Direction, for Direction, regarding the Purpose of life, the way to live in the physical life, and how to attain the Goal of life.

Subject Matter has never been difficult to understand or beyond man’s comprehension to follow.  The Subject Matter has always been the logic, the sensible, the truth, the easy, the understandable, to act within, for, on.

The Heavenly Ones, Here, have oftentimes spoken Words so clear that no man could say he did not understand, did not feel and could not see the simplicity of Direction that most certainly had to be coming from One or Several, directed by The Holy Trinity.

Man says, ‘The Father of All Creation would not speak through a mere human being.’ Some men say: ‘Why her?  Why not me?’ Other men say: ‘It cannot be.  No man could be chosen for such a task.’

Let Me take you back to many, many other times in Human History.  Men were born to the earth; their life, not always a troubled life, but a life of submission to Holy Will, commission to Holy Will, and through the physical life, exactness was shown through example of teaching, working, vocation and prayer.

It is inevitable that men will soon have to be stopped neglecting the Purpose for which each man was born, and much accentuation put on the Value of life, physical, mental, Spiritual; the Greatness of Faith, physical, mental, Spiritual; and the rejection of indecencies, immorality, impurities, recommended by the enemy of God, the enemy of man, the enemy of soundness.

Purity is not like a rock.  Purity is like a gem:  glowing, shining, clear, useful, important, worthwhile, wanted, needed, and many other things.  If each man in the world were to pick a jewel to reflect his or her own Soul, each man would pick the one he felt, or she felt, was the most important, the most beautiful, the most expensive, the most in demand, the most colorful, the most radiant, the most spectacular.

Tonight, and every night of your life, ask yourself when you are about to retire, what gem does your Soul reflect today?  Is It clear?  Is It glowing?  Is It spectacular?  Or, did you mar It, scratch It, dim It, fracture It, lose It, sell It?

I leave you with These Thoughts, and I say, ‘As you carry a Gem with you every day, would it not be wise to insure the Value as It is expected to be, not what you have allowed It to be?’  So be it.”

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