ON NOVEMBER 8, 1977 AT 5:25 PM


“My beloved children, I come now to speak to you of the trials upon the earth, the ingratitudes of man, and the Power that pours forth through this child at the Command of The Father, for the good of man.

I am Padre Pio.  I could speak in the tongue of My land but I choose not to do so, for this child would be jeopardized by this form of speech, for in not understanding the language, there would be much problem for her to stand with, in, against, that men would demand.

I walked the earth.  I know the earth.  I stand Here in a Portion, a Part, a Place, of what is termed ‘Heaven’, and I say to the whole world: ‘Heaven is a Beautiful Place, a Place of more Grandeur, Light and Hope than any man upon the earth could imagine or command.  A stage setting could never permit, physically, the Light that is Here, for the Light in the Heavens cannot be measured by man’s meters, hopes, dreams, needs, for the Light of Here is far more than light is to man.’

I stood upon the earth.  I looked into man’s face.  I said, ‘It is wrong for you to do that.’ And man said, ‘I am weak, Padre, I am weak.’ And I would shout and say: ‘Aaah, I cannot tolerate that.  Weakness is of the mind, not of the Soul.  It is of the will, not of the Soul.  You command what the will, will be.  You command the right and the wrong.  You destroy, you delay.’ Oh! And I would walk away, not in judgment but concern.

As you are with this child who walks in a given path, form, you do not understand the Reasoning behind This Great Miracle, the Magnitude of It, the performance it takes to accept every moment of every day, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, hopefully, needfully, possessively, projectively, progressively, for the good of man’s Soul in every way.

I shout through this child: ‘In Nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen,’ and men say, ‘Ah, He blessed me in a special way.’ And I say: ‘I blessed you through a language.  I blessed you through My Gift of vocational way.’

Men shout: ‘If she is what she is, if she says she knows, then why does she not stop the heretics, the heresies?  Why does she stand so simply, so in the background, when others come forward and they speak and they create speech?  They teach, and yet this one stands behind the scenes. This one says, “That is not my way.”’ Does any man truly know the Way of God?

Take a mountain, thousands of feet high.  Take the deserts, multiply them in the number they are, by the ones you can see, the ones you cannot see.  Take the weight of the water in the seas, in the oceans, the lakes and the rivers, the water beds, the streams; take this weight, unseen, and put it upon you, not as a dream, but as a true, real thing, and take it and say: ‘I will bear this pack of problem for You, God, this weight.  I will do it Your Way, without a cry.  Oh yes, I will suffer martyrdom for You, God, in every way.’

I take one drop of water and I pour it upon your back.  I take one drop of sand and I pour it upon your back.  I take one mound of soil and I pour it upon your back.  And suddenly you would say, ‘Wait a minute, I’m not used to that.’ And I say: ‘Wait a minute, you said you would bear the weight of the world for The Father.  Wait a minute, one more drop should not hurt you too much.’ So I take one drop of each again and you say: ‘Wait a minute, Padre, it is too much.  It causes too much pain.’ And I say: ‘Wait a minute, there is yet more to be borne by you for the great gain.  One more drop?’ And you say, ‘No, Padre, I cannot take the weight.’

Well, let Me say to you throughout the world, ‘You live in a prayerless world.’ Men do not know how to pray.  Prayer is humility, prayer is simplicity, prayer is of many ways.  Prayer is in the mind, but prayer is in the action, the example, the fact, the truth, the wisdom, the Light, the hope, the need, the desire.  Prayer is not an imaginative thing.  Prayer is real because prayer says, ‘I obey the Light of Your Gift, God, The Commandments of Your Way.’

Moses came to the earth.  People say, ‘Ah, Moses.’ And I say: ‘Moses, thank You for walking the path of Direction.  Thank You, Moses, for having the strength of conviction.  Thank You, Moses, for standing up to what You knew was truth, the values.  Thank You, Moses, for giving Me Heaven.  Thank You, Moses, for giving Me the Rules to live by.  Thank You, Moses, for walking a very dreaded path:  a path, not of honor, of greatness; a path, not of love, endearment, but a path of stimulation, motivation, a path where men would beat You down, a path where men would argue, debate, a path where You had to stand up and say: “Wait, I stand in Truth.  This is the Kingdom that you are to seek.  This is the Kingdom of The Father, far beyond what any man could meet.” Thank You, Moses, for doing this.’

No man walks a path chosen by The Father, that cares about thanks, that even mentions it, for to be thanked upon the earth is to be thanked needlessly, ridiculously.  It solves nothing.  It gives no more strength.  It is weakening in some ways, and in many ways, the chosen child knows that the time that the children spend in saying ‘Thank you,’ they could be doing something worthwhile.

I, Padre Pio, I, a priest, I, a Man of the Cloth, I, a Man of The Sacrament, I, a man who many men despised, hated, I was a man that men wanted to be weak, and yet they wanted me to stand for everything they could not stand for themselves.  They baited me, to show what I was, show how I felt, show what I could do, and I would sit there and look. ‘You are sick,’ I would say.  And sometimes, when I would cast them out of my way, I’d say, ‘Avanti,’ because I knew they did not know that how I walked, how I stood, how I felt was totally, solely for their Soul.

What does man think of a Soul?  He does not even relate to a Soul.  He says, ‘I am here.’ Ah, he is there.  Through the Grace of God he is there, and through the Graces he earns he will come Here.

I shatter this child when I speak through her.  I break her bones.  I pierce the flesh.  I weaken her physically, and yet My Words, strong, will be heard by so few.  That is the sadness of walking for God, The Almighty Father in Heaven.  The Truth so few men listen to, refuse they listen to; refuge they want.

I bless the whole world for all man is in want, and I shout, ‘In Nomine, in the Name; Patris, The Father; et Filii, The Son; et Spiritus Sancti, The Light and The Wisdom that combines The Three as One.’ Let it be so.”

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