ON APRIL 14, 1978 AT 7:30 AM


“I have trained a child well.  All things that come forth through her, in Words, Actions, Directions, are Words from Here.  Men cannot understand such a way to live.  Men cannot comprehend such a way to walk.  Men cannot have the sight to see a Vision of Light such as this child walks for Me.

I come through her today gently, for her physical has had many, many hurts.  Men must begin to understand that to walk for Me is a walk of command. This child faces adversities, more than she allows you to know; more things that are uncomfortable, too uncomfortable to show.  I have taken a small instrument and I have done great things.  This is My Way for children upon the earth to understand Me.

This child has been given the task to bring back to men the World of My Love, the Way of My Love. This child has been given the task to make men once again think of The Commands I gave through a man, to make men try to understand the Church I gave for the good of man.

Men must begin to see the Value of things I gave.  Men must begin to follow The Rules I set down.  Men must begin to acknowledge These Rules and teach them to other men.

This child through whom I speak is beyond human exhaustion.  I want you to be sure that other men know that the physical role she walks in is the Direction I intend, I demand, for all men to learn from, to seek Me through.”

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