ON JULY 5, 1978


“No true Miracle of God is ever sent to the world for the person through whom the Miracle is given.  The Miracle, when It is truly of God, is for the whole world, to bring children closer to God and to give them the strength to follow the way that is best for them each day.

The Commandments are a way of life and They are the way to Life, for I, Saint Catherine of Laboure, say that through This Great Miracle, God’s Love is shown in Every Word, in Every Tone, in Every Action and in Every Deed, for children to better understand The Divinity.

I walked the earth in a special form.  I walked the earth to give others strength, but also, with the prayer in my heart that one day I would be close to The Father, even at His Knee.

I stand at His Feet every day of your time, and I ask Him with Love to give Me the direction to guide you to The Divine.  Our Love Here is Great, Our Love Here for Him, to serve to draw Souls for all time to be Here.

As I walked the earth, I walked as a woman in a vocation of Light.  I learned that I had to reach for purity day and night.  And as it was told, the way to do this is to search in each Command of Love, and look out for the abyss.  Be aware, My daughters, of every moment of the day.  Be aware of the evil one’s way.

You can walk a straight path, a path of purity and hope.  You can walk a path of beauty if you will but know, The Guidelines were given a long time ago, and in These Directions, These Commands of Love, you can walk a path to Here from below.

Let no man stand in your way; you are His Love.  Let no man draw you away; you are His Love.  Let no man rob you of what is rightfully yours:  a chance to become a Saint for all the years.

Let time be His.  Let your thoughts be His.  Let your actions promote others to understand that you are individually walking as man, but desiring Sainthood the way God commands.  Be aware, My daughters, you are but children to Him.  Let the time come, let Sainthood begin.

As I bless you from Heaven, I say with much Love, ‘I speak through an instrument, I am yet Above.’ We use this child daily to reach all of mankind. The child stands upon the earth; We are Far Above with The Divine, but as Our Voice reaches you in the day and the night, the Guidance is for perfection so you will one day see His Magnificent Light.

Be aware, My little ones, that you walk a path.  Be directed by Him and never be lax.

As I looked into His Beautiful Face, I knew then that there was nothing more important in the world than Grace.  You, too, must know this, through This Great Miracle of Hope, This Miracle of Light, This Miracle of Love; you must walk the world, you must reach for the Crown.

Pray that you will one day stand at His Feet and He will surround you with all of His Love, in the direction of Him, and know, My children, you have been Blessed by a Miracle in the world, Directed, Guided and Chosen by Him.  So be it.”

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