ON AUGUST 8, 1978 AT 3:55 PM


“What if a man before your time did not listen to My Words, act upon Them, carry Them through, follow Them line for line?  A man named ‘Moses’ performed in this way another day.

Children omit the Magnitude of Whom I Am and the Purpose for which I speak through man.  I am The Father of all mankind.  I am The Creator of all mankind.  I am The Dispenser of Life, The Transmitter of Truth and The Love of Hope for each man in the world.

I have given to all mankind a Purpose for life.  In no way would I leave man alone and cause strife. This child, through whom I speak, is a transmitter for Me, of My Will for mankind, for all time.  It is now as it was three thousand of your years ago:  a Message is given, Direction given, and Purpose for the Ultimate Goal.

Two thousand years ago, your time, a Man stood upon the earth, and yet He was Divine.  His Purpose in such an act was this:  to leave upon the earth a Place for men to reach out to, walk in and find Grace.  A Temple was erected, a Temple of wisdom, learning; a Temple of progress for all men to seek.  As it was in the time of Moses, it was also at this time.  Men rejected Truth, men rejected the obvious thing to follow.  Men presumed, to their own liking, what would be best for them.

Men are nothing without Me.  Men are trivial in every way.  I am The Strength of the world.  I am The Conqueror of all things.  It is My Might, My Power that holds together all things.

In your time I have sent forth to the world a child to deliver My Will amongst all men.  Men slip by the Facts of Logic and pretend to not hear the Magnitude of this Delivery for the good of their Soul.

‘What next,’ I say to man, ‘must I perform to set you on the given road?’ My Patience is close at hand.  My Wrath I hold back by Our Blessed Mother’s Hand.  And I say to each man in the world, ‘Conquer yourself and you will conquer the evil one’s role, but if you dismiss the Honor due Me and accept only what you feel is acceptable to you, My Wrath will have to show.’

I have set forth a Place upon the earth, through which, from which, by which, in which, My children throughout the world will better understand the Magnitude of Whom I Am, and the Purpose of each physical role. This child, through whom I speak, has a contract with Me, a commitment, a dedication, a service that cannot be stopped by man.  There is no place upon this earth man can go to and hide from this child.  It is My Will for the good of the world.  This City, bearing My Name, must come to pass soon, without the arrogance of man, the ignorance of man, the passiveness of man, to show.

The child, through whom I speak, plays a great role in the world, one in which no honor will be hers; but the responsibility is, and it is Great, beyond man’s interpretation of greatness.  Responsibility is sometimes more burdensome than men like to see, to feel, to get to know.  Sometimes men are more capable of laziness, excuse, and they feel it satisfies a particular role.  Not so.  These things are the tools of the devil, the evil one, the enemy of Mine, but the enemy of you.

I would like to come to the earth through a child one day and say: ‘I am happy with all undertaking.  I am in love with the way you pray.’ I cannot say thus today.  Men are scoffing at the Reality of Me.  Men are playing with the Reality of Me.  Men are dragging Me down to the pits of Hell with the enemy of all.  Men must stop.  There is much to be done, much in every way, and I say, ‘This is a Great, Responsible Role.’

Men say they have faith. ‘Faith in whom,’ I say, ‘faith in what littleness you are, or Faith in the Mightiness I Am?’ I do not want to destroy the world.  I do not want to show My Wrath.  I do not want to be intolerable of men’s way.  But I come to the earth through this child every day she exists upon the earth.  I speak gently.  I speak firmly.  I sometimes speak in a light anger.  I sometimes repeat and repeat and repeat what I feel must be done.  Men sigh, look, and then walk away.  Some even have the nerve to disagree.  This is a sadness to Me.

I announce These Things to the world and I say, ‘The time has come for men to kneel more, pray more, serve for an Ultimate End, and see time as Mine, not theirs; and they must use their will to conquer what I say must be conquered.’ I have placed in Vision, through this child, the answers I want to be accomplished now.

I have spoken.  The Message is clear; the Value, for the good of all Souls, and I say, ‘The Words spoken through this child are Mine in every way, every day she lives upon the earth.’  So be it.”

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