ON OCTOBER 11, 1978


“There are so many avenues to reach God through and to reach God in.  Sometimes people become restless when they do not understand what is happening, and sometimes people become irritable when they cannot comprehend what is being said, but through This Great Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, All Direction, All Teaching has been given so simply, so logically, and yet is so Profound.  Direction is always for the good of the Soul, the Teaching always to help a child along the road; and the simplicity, to help the child not feel inadequate, but to be able to recognize God’s Will in It.

There are so many children throughout the world who chastise themselves for they feel they are not of great intelligence; but, if they will but realize the beauty of simplicity, the logic in truth and the beauty of prayer, through this means they will come Here.

My beloved children, in no place in the world do We speak as We speak here, through an instrument of The Father’s, for all men to hear.  A physical light shines bright; the Light of Wisdom is reflected in Every Word.  Hope is extended beyond what men hope and beyond what men know hope to be.  Hope is the beginning of many things.  Hope is the reality of many things.  Hope is the strength to endure many things.  Hope is the purpose for many things.

I hold this child deeply, and if I could show you the total weakness of her physical, you would be shocked at the visibility of it.  I am your Heavenly Mother.  My Light shines throughout the world.  My Love extends throughout the world.  My Light shines forth from the Heavens.  I hand Hope to the whole world.

I beseech you, My children, to be aware that you live in a time worse than men accept it to be, for they rationalize, they theorize, they analyze, and they interpret as they please.  Sound values must be a way of life.  Sound standards must be acceptable where there is life.

One day, when I walked the earth, I was present at a Teaching that My Son, The Son of The Father, conducted in the era of time in which We lived.  I saw the Light shine around Him.  I felt the Words and I knew Whose Words They were.  I felt the Meaning transmit to the men and the women, and I smiled at this, for I knew those listening could only absorb a portion of This.

My children, the Light of the Heavens shines through This Great Miracle of Hope.  You are Blessed when you have the Faith to believe.  Your prayers are answered when you request an answer, and hope is given at all times.  Sometimes you are too busy to see it, to feel it, to recognize it, to accept it; but know, it is the Way of the Heavens to do this.  No child born to the world is ever abandoned by God.  No child born to creation is ever a hopeless child.  No child who acts in Faith is cast out of the Light of Heaven.

I bless you, My children, and I say: ‘Your Faith is important every day.  The Truth must be heard, the Light must be seen, thanksgiving must be given to The Holy King.’  So be it.”

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