ON NOVEMBER 29, 1978


“The Light of Heaven is a Light no man could design.  The Light of God’s Will is to give man strength.  No man is so wise that he does not need God.  No man is so strong, he does not need to lean upon God.  No man in the world is a useful being without God’s Touch.  There is nothing in the world that cannot be God’s.

The Light of Heaven stretches far to touch each child’s way.  I speak through a child, My children, that is beyond human exhaustion in every way.  The Power that is sent forth through her, the Light that radiates from her, is the Light of the Heavens, giving men strength to learn from, to learn how, and to use in prayer. The child that I use to extend to you hope, is a child as you, in the world; but the difference is, she is not of the world.

Light has facets to It.  Light has meaning in It.  Light is a Transference of many things.  Light is Direction.  Light is Forgiveness.  Light is for men to see the Value of Sainthood and the Beauty of The Holy Trinity.

My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Mother, and I use this time to reach you from The Divine.  When you stand, your physical supports you.  When you think, your mind supports you.  When you pray, your Faith supports you.  When you work, it is a combination of the physical, the mental and the Spiritual that supports you.  The Light of Heaven pours forth through This Great Miracle to give you stability, sound values, sound standards to support you.

I want each child here to picture a great arena, lighted by the sun alone, with this child standing in the center of the arena.  Each Direction in the arena has a purpose to it, all for the good of Souls; one Light brighter than the next, and the child has been commanded by The Father to attach herself to each Ray of Light present in the arena.

This is as it is on your Hill of Hope.  One Light, one Ray, is for men to seek out the Sacraments; one Light, one Ray, for men to obey The Commandments; one Light, one Ray, for men to reach for purity; one Light, one Ray, for men to seek morality; one Light, one Ray, for men to be good example; one Light, one Ray, to aid men’s talents, to be productive for the Will of The Father.  Intermingled in These Rays are other individual Rays.  These Rays are the individuals with whom this child comes in contact.

The arena is bright with Light, heavy with burden, and yet stands for all that is good.  The reason I have placed her in the arena is so you could see the boundaries of This Great Place, for if I had told you it was open space, you might have wandered off beyond the walls and gotten lost, in the reason, the purpose and the need.

There is so much Light, My children.  Be blinded by It, feel the necessity for It and recognize It openly.  As your Mother in Heaven, I have given you this Blessing of Hope, and I say, ‘This child walks in an obedience no man can understand, no words can describe, no picture could be descriptive of, to truly transmit the Value of tonight.’

You are Blessed, My children, for the Will of The Father permeates This Great Miracle, for children to begin to see the Light of Divine Love in symmetry.  So be it.”

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