ON JANUARY 31, 1979 AT 8:40 PM


“The whole world needs The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and the whole world is screaming for help.

I have spoken many times through this child, through this woman in the world, and I have sought out men that I felt would begin an army of men, wearing the armor of love.

I have given to the world, Goals, Teachings, Directions, a Place.  I have given Light, I have given Hope, I have motivated men to do My Will.

I have instructed men in various avenues and I have used a woman in the world to transmit My Words of Light, My Hopes.  I have used a small voice, I have used commitment to Me, and I have transmitted to you My Will, the Will of The Holy Trinity.

My Light shines in and through Every Word this child speaks.  I am sometimes in great sadness, for I know the physical is weak.  The Light is Mine, My sons; the service, to Me, for all time.

I want no man to deny Me loyalty, respect, duty.  I want no man to be insensitive to My Will and I want no man to treat This Great Gift of Light and Love frivolously.

I have come to the earth through a child in the world whom I knew would carry out My Will, for you to be with Me for All Eternity.  I have stripped this child of self, and I say to the world, ‘Through her, My Light is seen, My Will must be done accordingly.’

All of My Saints, Here with Me, have sent, have spread, have given Words for men to love Me.  I want you to know I have given This Great Miracle to the world, for Souls.

This child through whom I speak is an instrument far beyond what men know.  I leave a Directive with you on this day in the world.  Her tasks for Me are a millionfold.  Why can I not use her totally for what I choose her for?  The burden and the pressures must cease, for if they continue I will lose Souls.  There is more to her way than she has been allowed to reveal.

My Power is so Great that the Words penetrate her, and the mechanism used to deliver Them to you, absorbs the Light of Mine, creating a lag in time.

You have been Blessed by Me, but I want you to know, My Compassion, My Mercy, My Love, is different than yours, and I cannot allow men to go on acting in the manner they are acting.

I am releasing her slowly.  No man in the world knows what a Tremendous Power surges through her when I speak.”

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