ON JUNE 27, 1979 AT 8:50 PM


8:50 P.M.


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Teresa of Avila.  I come tonight, I want to speak.  I want to speak in a firm manner.  I want to show you the reality of This Great Miracle, the Hope in the world, that has been given, straightforward, honest, open and direct; for you see, there is much, much need in the world for This Great Miracle to be.

There is much, much Teaching brought to the world through This Great Miracle, from Many of The Saints and from Me, for you see, My daughters, there is a time now when men must stand firm, men must shout against satan in every form, in every way, because he is real.

I, Saint Teresa of Avila, say: ‘Do not turn away from God for one moment.  Do not be distracted by earthly things.  Enjoy what is there, but be sure that when you turn your head, you turn it to Him, for you must return to Him for All Eternity.’

I speak quickly.  I speak firmly.  I speak directly through a child who stands openly, who is standing in immediate attention to The Holy Three.

As I leave this room I say to you, ‘You are Blessed through a Miracle of Light, a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Wisdom, a Miracle of Logic, a Miracle binding you to Divine Will.’ So be it.”

8:53 P.M.


“My beloved children, I am The Light of God’s Creation.  I am your Heavenly Mother.  My beloved Saint approached you with Love never-ending.  I come to you through a child like you in the world, and I say to you: ‘It is necessary for men to see good.  It is necessary for men to be good.’

The Light of the Heavens never dims.  The Light of the Heavens is the Power of The Father’s Will.  I have come to the world many times, speaking out, giving hope, correcting children, and telling them what is expected of them for their own good.  Tonight I speak again through a Light meant for the good of men.

The evil one, the enemy, fights to gather your Souls to live with him.  Be wise, My children, and do not omit prayer from your way, but follow the Light of communication with God, and do pray the Rosary every day.  As you say the prayers, you repeat the words, know, I listen to every one of them.  If thousands of you are saying it, I listen to thousands of you saying it, and you are Blessed by God’s Love.

Remember, I watch over you in many, many ways, and when I see danger I comfort you.  I enfold you in My Garment so many times until the danger goes away.

Some of you are willful.  Some of you are timid.  Some of you are bold.  Some of you are meek.  Some of you love to feel the power of your will.  And I say to you, ‘Be gentle, be firm, be truthful, be honest, be modest, and know, impurities are against the beauty of your Soul; and your Soul must become so bright that when the time comes and The Father knows it is right, you will enter in a Form of Light to be with Him in the Eternal Role.’

Be blessed, My daughters, and know that tonight I give you My Love, for tonight I come to you for the good of your Soul.  So be it.”

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