ON JULY 25, 1979 AT 8:35 PM


“God is Real.  God is Just.  God is Perfect, but God is Hope.  There is not one Word that We could use descriptively, that would be a beautiful Word, that would not describe God.

But the one thing that God gives us, which I feel is His Most Generous Gift, besides, of course, our Soul and our will, and that is our hope.  You have hope and I have hope and that is why He named ‘the Hill of Hope’, because on this small Piece of land, God extends His Hand to every man.  Whether men believe it or not, God stands on the land, waiting for men.

There is so much Light to be handed there and so much Hope to be seen there.  Love, men expect, but when The Father hands to each man His Hand, there is Hope in that.  The Light of the world is in One Spot, handing to all of mankind Hope for every portion of man.  The Signal of Light, the Shrine of Light is Hope for every man.

Men find the subject interesting.  Men find the Light hopeful.  Men know, in their hearts, that God’s Love is in handing to man hopefulness.  All the love in the world would diminish if there was no hope in the love, for all men would feel that everything they had did not have a finish.  But the Hope that is handed to each man in the world is the Hope of Light, to be with God for All Eternity.

The Beauty of Hope is in The Spirit of Light, in the Beauty of Joseph, Who was The Light through which a Son was born to the world.  Through The Channel, The Tabernacle, the Light shown bright and It reflected in other parts of the world.

So it is, My daughters, with This Great Miracle of Light, The Beloved Joseph has once again come to the world.  He is The Light, He is The Hope, He is The Spirit of Wisdom, The Spirit of Justice, The Spirit of Truth, for through This Great Miracle He has given Hope to the whole world, and All of Us Here in the Heavens today, and all the days in the past and the days yet to come, stand in service to Him, to let the children know that He stands for Hope in the world.

He is The Justice which is the Light.  He is The Hope which is the Peace.  He is The Administrator of Logic.  He is The Spirit of God for the whole world.

I know what I say for I walked the earth, and through the Justice of God I stand in the Heavens and see the Beauty of giving Hope to the world is straight from The Divine Three.

My children, I am Catherine of Siena, and All of Us Here say, ‘When The Father nods Our way, We move rapidly in the direction He shows to be, for We scurry to give the hope to all children who will listen, because We know the Light of God’s Love for the whole world is in The Miracle Of Saint Joseph and in the Hope of a Portion of His earth.’ So be it.”

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