ON OCTOBER 13, 1979 AT 3:55 PM


“I have a History of handing to particular, individual children, specific burdens, with particular Directions from Me.

I am speaking in a manner, not in disguise, but using a voice I created, to hand to all of mankind My Will, My Direction, through a Specific Manner of communication.  I, Myself, I, your Father, prepared this voice, this woman, to receive My Words with a clarity, in a Distinct Manner, for My Words to be handed immediately, consistently, with the Purpose I intended for the good of Souls.

So many times men try to refuse My Way.  They determine what it should be, in what form, what the formula should consist of, and the manner it should be received in.  In all the children I have personally chosen for particular, specific tasks, I use My Wisdom in how it will be approached, how it will be declared to be.

Now, in the world, I have given a solid formula for men to follow.  I have given them past History to return to.  I have awakened them, I have alerted them to the positiveness of what I want them to follow.  I have reiterated My Statements of the past.

Now, today I speak through this woman clearly, and I say: ‘Men have abused her long enough.  It is time men be reprimanded for their misconduct toward This Great Gift from Me.  It is time men begin to practice with charity, understanding and integrity, along with the dignity I expect, the roles I intended for each of them.’

The perseverance of This Great Miracle has handed to the world thousands of Words, Teaching, standing for Truth, the Facts and the Directions I want clearly given.

This child, this woman, that I use spontaneously to deliver My Will and My Way, will be consumed by a burning zeal to fulfill My Will.  Men will be frightened at this zeal and they will try to get out of her path, feeling they must save themselves from the perseverance she will radiate to them.

Let Me say this, My children: ‘A man who becomes enveloped with the zeal will find the path to Me quite real.  Those who escape the zeal, through their own weaknesses, will find the path to Me scattered with thorns, given to them by their own false reality.’

I bless the world through this child, this woman, and in this Blessing I say to her, ‘Obedience, dedication must continue, for in this, many more things will be revealed.’ So be it.”

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