ON OCTOBER 24, 1979


“My daughters, men shout, ‘I do not want to be duped, I do not want to be fooled; I want the truth.’ These same men find truth difficult for them to handle in their own actions each day of their life, for they do not want to be caught accepting something that is untrue, for they do not want others to laugh at them.  They want all men to see them in the right light.

I am Saint Therese of Lisieux and I speak to each of you on this night.  Be aware, My children, of your Faith.  Be aware that it is directed right.  Be aware of the Light of Hope.  Be aware of the Magnitude of God’s Will for you.  And be aware of your littleness in His Light and absorb It as best you can, and let It express your Faith in His Will for all men.

There are so many things I have spoken.  There are so many times I have reached you through her, this woman who stands in the Light of The Father’s Will for time.

Men are screaming, shouting and begging for more time; more time to follow what they will to be done; more time to show The Father they are willing to accomplish many things.

I, Saint Therese, say to you now: ‘Be aware, My children, of The Commands He gave.  Obey Them and teach others about Them.  Reflect Them in your own life.  And when you speak to others, you begin to delve into the lives of others, be sure that you leave one mark with them, and that is that perhaps they met a Saint, living of course, but in human form; for allow your actions, your inflections and your reflections to say to each one you meet, you are obedient to The Father’s Will and you want to stand one day at His Magnificent Feet.’

Be aware, My children, My daughters, My little ones, My girls, for you follow in the footsteps of Divine Way, Divine Light.  And remember, your Faith must shine, your love must show, your actions must be example of hope for the whole world.  Be kind, be gentle, be generous, be firm, and stand in a Light of hope, and do not forget that Sainthood is earned.  So be it.”

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