ON OCTOBER 27, 1979 AT 2:10 PM


“Faith is an important part of every man’s life.  Faith is a living part of every man’s life.  Faith lives as long as there is human life.

When a human being dies to the earth, he is responsible at that time for the Faith he showed, he acted upon, he moved in, he was example of, and the degree his Faith in God helped him to serve in an ultimate manner for the good of his or her own Soul.

Many times Faith is looked upon as an unimportant part of human life.  Faith is a living part of human life.  Faith bears in it a substance for living, in living, that no other part of man can acknowledge as a closeness in communication to The Holy Trinity.

Man’s will reflects his Faith in God.  His nature reflects his Faith in the standards and the values, and the degree of his self-control, self-discipline, self-expression, in his example of actions, words and deeds.  A man’s personality reflects his culture, his thinking, his sensitivity to other men and women, his coordination of his actions with his desires, his motivations, and what he wants others to see him as.

All of the functions men project reflect back to the Faith in God, and the beauty and degree of respect for this Faith, in this Faith, and of course, with this Faith in mind at all times.

Faith is a part of man, a necessity for man, and of course, shows the whole man to the whole world.  Faith is an intrinsic part of each man’s stability, each man’s Goal.

Faith is not spoken of enough.  Faith is not shown in the manner The Father intended it to be shown.  Men have put other titles where their Faith should have been given.  Men must see the Magnitude of Faith in their life, and the responsibility that Faith truly is for the Salvation of each man’s Soul.

I do not speak often through this woman, but I have spoken before.  There are many days to come when this topic of discussion will be evident throughout her Role.

Men must begin to accentuate their degree of Faith:  first, in their own mind; second, in their actions with other people; and third, they must develop it to a degree of purity for the good of their Soul.

I am Saint Matthias.  There is so much in the world that passes and men do not see the importance of it.  But This Great Miracle that bears the treasured Name of Joseph is giving to the whole world, not just an accent on Faith, but the True Direction that The Father intended Faith to be:  soundness of thoughts, words and deeds; Faith in The Rules that He gave for all time; sound, logical understanding of the Sacrifice for hope, of hope, bearing no conditions of pro or con, but showing that sacrifice is important for each man to see the value of life and the Goal it was intended for.

Faith is man’s path to Eternal Glory.  Purity is the key to the door at the end of the path.  And then, My children, the Judgment is, and will be, on the degree of Faith, the degree of service, the degree of obedience, the degree of pure example, and what each man used the physical life for:  to share the beauty of their Faith, to be good example for others, and yes, the service to The Father, showing the depth and degree of Faith, the privilege for the use of It.

And do not forget, as there once was in the world a man who walked, handing to all other men The Commandments of Value, The Commandments that were seeded with the Love of The Father, to grow for all time, so that no man would be without These Commandments; and then, the Gift of Faith, the Gift of Sacrifice; and now, My children, This Great Miracle, teaching all of mankind the Treasure The Father left, Faith for men to use to reach Sainthood.

A word is sometimes lonely alone, but when a word such as ‘Faith’ is expounded upon like I have just done, it makes Faith more than a word.  It makes Faith a basis for Sainthood.  So be it.”

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