ON JANUARY 23, 1980


“There is a Special Light to Heaven that is many times shown in a small way to the world, at specific times, for men to better understand the Purpose of life.

And I, Saint Margaret Mary, say through this woman in the world, ‘The beat of man’s heart must beat with The Father’s Heart, for in this union of man with God, the Soul of man lives as God intended It to live:  surrounded by Grace, beating with hope for Life Eternally with Him.’

When I was upon the earth my heart beat with His, for the Purpose He intended for me to leave upon the earth for man.

It is now in your time, and now in His Way, a woman stands upon the earth every day, speaking the Words Decreed you must hear, strong in the Direction The Father Wills for you to come Here.

There are so Many Saints that speak Words coordinated with a consistency easy for men to understand, coming forth on the Rays of Light from The Father, through His Hand.

I come to you tonight in your time.  My Light is His, My Words at His Command.

No man upon the earth can say, ‘It is not so,’ and do it in total truth, for if this man rejects These Words, he has little Faith.

My Light shines through this woman for the whole world.  The Light of The Father she walks in; the Purpose, all for Souls.

You are Blessed and you are given Grace.  There is a sadness Here, for so few men understand the Beauty of Grace and what a Precious Reward It is from Him.  So be it.”

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