ON JUNE 25, 1980


“There are so many Stories not written and there are so many Stories that Heaven has told, so all children could grow in love with God.  There are so many Revealings through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph that give Hope to the whole world.  No one has ever been forced to accept the Light.  No one has ever been forced to accept any of the Words.  God has always informed man, persisted in this, that man use his own will to determine the Greatness, the Goodness, the Beauty, the Reality and the Hope in What was spoken.

It is easy for a child in the world to become so involved in the world that Heavenly Words pass by, and are passed by, but through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph, man has been asked to take the time to stop, to think, and to use What has been given for the good of his Soul.

My children, I am Saint Catherine of Siena and I have spoken many, many times through this woman in the world.  No time is easy for one who walks for The Father, for one who speaks, through Him to you, from a Place such as Ours.

This woman through whom I speak, walks a tightrope for the whole world, and she has been commanded to not compromise.  Men say, ‘Take it back.’ God says: ‘How can you?  It is Mine.’ Men say, ‘Say it is a mistake.’ We say: ‘She can’t.  It is from The Divine.’

So, you see, My children, My daughters, the time has come for men to realize, men of all kinds, that the Light that has been cast upon the earth, for you to see, for you to feel, for you to know about, is a Light, the Light from The Divine.

The woman through whom I speak, weary, far wearier than men know weariness to be, for there is not a moment in the day that We do not reveal to her, instill within her, things, matters that The Father desires to be used, sometimes even at a later time.

We have used the voice box, We have used the face, We have used the body, We have used the internal organs, We have used the outward expressions, for such a long time, always on Command of The Father, always in a way men can understand, always taking a great toll upon this woman who stands in the world, is not of it, but yet appears totally in the manner men want her to be.  This is a difficult Role to be in, for you see, listening to The Father’s Will day and night sometimes causes much tiredness, for the human form, the human body is not meant to receive so constantly, so consistently, such Power.

Tonight, as I speak through this woman, I say to you, ‘The Lesson given to you:  to not compromise, not dilute the Truth, the beauty of your Faith in God, How He would work, What He is all about, must be remembered by you.’

The Light is always with this child, this woman, not always noticeable to the naked eye, but be aware of this Light, for It has touched your heart, It has touched your flesh, It has touched your eyes, but most important, It has touched your ears, and you have been instilled with a Beautiful Lesson, God’s Design.

As I take her from you, as I walk with her for the hours to be, before the night rolls deep into morning, I say: ‘Be aware, My daughters, of the Holy Rosary.  Be aware of The Commandments of God.  Do not dismiss Them in any way.’ Let the Light of His Love enfold you.  Let the Light of His Love cause you to remember the beauty in the practice of saying repetitively, ‘Hail Mary,’ for you see, in these words you recognize Her as your Beloved Mother.  In these words, you recognize Her Purity.  In these words, you say to The Father you love Her.  This pleases Him more than I will say.

I, Saint Catherine of Siena, love you in the way God intends you to be loved, teaching you how to serve Him more, how to become a Saint with Him for All Eternity.

My daughters, love is not the way men express love.  Love is in pure example.  Love is in charity for the good of a man’s Soul.  Love is in standing for Truth, with no compromise.  Love, of course, is based on God’s Will.

Remember, My daughters, What you have heard on this night, and remember, too, never dismiss from your daily practice, daily habit, the prayer of repetitiveness.  Say it often, say it many times, and do not ignore the Blessings that come with this prayer, that are given to you by The Divine.

I have Blessed you with His Love.  I have Blessed you with His Light.  It is His Power I have come to you with and upon.  Do not forget, the Light of the Heavens showers down on This Great Miracle that you are aware of, that you are listening to, for God has expressed through This Miracle, Right.  So be it.”

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