ON JULY 30, 1980 AT 9:09 PM


“I have given man a brain.  I have given man intellect.  I have given man physical faculties.  I have given man a Soul.  I have given man the will, which is his way to go.

I have showered man with many things.  I have instructed man in My Way, teaching man My Will.  I have shown man the way to pray.  I have allowed man time to do these things.

I am The Father.  I am The Creator.  I am The Maker of All Things.  I am The Justice men must face.  I am The Mercy that helps men in every place.  I am Holiness.  I am Perfection.  I am Truth.

I have interest in every part of Creation for I am its Root.  All things are cast in shape, in form, in purpose, determined by Me.

I am The Light of the world.  I am The One Who makes All Decrees.  I am The Giver of Rules.  I am Faith in its Greatest Form.  I am Charity in all degrees.  I am Master of the whole world.

Those who serve Me, I love.  Those who deny Me, I worry for.  Those who ignore Me, I fear for.  Those who doubt My Existence cause Me great hurt.

I am the Unity of Three.  In reality, there are Four of Me.  I am All Beauty.  I am All Love.

All things, one day, must return to Me in the State I created them, in the Purpose I Decreed they would be.  In My Charity, I allow many things to be used.  I expect all men to use them in the manner, the way they were made for.

I am truly God.  Men say, ‘We would not hear from Him.’ As the stars are in place, as the moon is predictable, as the sun is necessity, it is I Who hold them in place.  You can depend upon Me.

I come to a few in the world today, and I ask you in your little way: ‘Can I depend upon you?  Can I count on you to return to Me My Soul one day?’

It is strange to some men, I would come through a mere human being.  It is not strange to Me, for I have been known to do things this way.

Obedience to My Will is available to each of you.  You have been instructed in so many ways to see My Will, to pay attention to what I Will, for the good of your Soul every day.

I do not ask you to not enjoy life for I am The Giver, The Creator of happiness.  I do say, ‘Make the enjoyable times a joy for Me to watch, so that through these happy moments I can share the time and I can be assured that these moments will see you through adversities at given times.’

My Love is beyond human comprehension.  My Desire for you, beyond your comprehension.  My Love is a Pure Love and the Purity of It has Pure Intention.

Be blessed, My children, by My Words.  Be alert to the fullness of Their meaning, and do not forget that as I keep all things in place, I never forget to hold your Place with Me forever.  So be it.”

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