ON NOVEMBER 12, 1980 AT 8:09 PM


8:09 P.M.


“There are Many Saints Who speak through this instrument.  All of Us recognize The Father’s Will to be done upon the earth.  All of Us Here desire to serve The Father’s Will by talking through this instrument who speaks to the whole world.  All of Us enjoy the task of being told that We must give to the children who will listen, Words, so they will better understand the beauty in the human role.

Many of Us speak slowly.  Many of Us speak rapidly.  Many of Us tell Stories new and old.  Many of Us speak as though We are of your world.  Many of Us speak in the times of the old, the terminology, and of course, the thoughts.  But remember this, My daughters, the time does not change the fact that you are born to the world a human being and that each of you has a Soul.

My Name?  I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, and I have spoken many times through this servant of The Father, in the world.

Another wishes to speak.  Another stands with Me and says: ‘Let the Light of the Heavens cause My Words to give you time to think, to give you the desire to become a Saint, and for each of you to remember The Father’s Will.’  So be it.”

8:11 P.M.


“My beloved daughters, I am Saint Peregrine.  I have spoken many, many times through this instrument.  Tonight I come to say: ‘You must pray and you must honor and you must understand that The Father’s Will must be done in your day.  There are so many blasphemies against Him, against His Name.’ You must understand, too, that as you walk in the physical role, you have a Soul that you must return to Him one day.

You must also remember the Light of the Heavens is to guide you with Eternal Love, Light and Grace for All Eternity, to walk at the Feet of The Father, to serve at the Feet of The Father, and to understand that you were given the responsibility of a Soul one day upon the earth, and that one time you must stand before Him and say:

‘I return to You, my Father, the Soul You gave to me.  Give It the opportunity to walk with You for All Eternity.  I beg You, my Father, to hear my plea.  I beg You to understand my way.  I beseech You, my Father, to take care of my Soul, for as I walked in the human way, I walked perhaps weak, but I want You to know my Soul was not the One to stray.  It was my weakness that I let detour me, delay me, in many ways.  Dear Father in Heaven, take my Soul.  Do not let It go any other way.  And remember, dear God, that You taught me so many ways, so many paths, and this is the one I took Your Way.’ So be it.”

8:14 P.M.


“The Light of the Heavens, My little ones, is The Father’s Light of Love.  The Light of Hope is The Father’s Will from Above.

I am your Heavenly Mother, and I say to each daughter here, and to each son, ‘Protect what you know is right, protect what you know is good, and remember that as a child is born to the world, The Father’s Love is showered upon the child like gold dust from Above.’

So many times a child is born into an environment of hopelessness, but always somewhere along the line the Gift of Faith occurs in many, many ways to give the child the path to walk in, the hope to run in, and the Spirit of Grace.

Be aware, My children, that I, as your Heavenly Mother, have taught you so much in so many ways, and as I did, sometimes you did not listen, but many times you turned a little later to pray.

Never forget the Beads of Hope, the Beads of Love, the Beads of Grace.  Be aware that every time you say ‘Hail Mary’ you draw Me to your face, for when a child calls My Name I never ignore the child; I always look and see what the child has to say.

I am your Heavenly Mother, My daughters and My sons, and I want you to know that the Light I am in is the Light of Heavenly Grace.  There are many children who do not understand such a Light.  There are many children who do not see a Light, but I want you to know, with a Love you cannot know, that the Light is a Light of Divine Love for each of you and for your Souls.

Do not ignore the fact that you have a Soul, for you do.  It is the Spirit The Father has given you to return to Him one day in Heaven Here.  It will remain as That Part of you that you worked for, to become a Saint.

I hold this instrument in deep ecstasy and I hold her in the Light of My Rays, and I say: ‘You have been Blessed with a Miracle of Teaching.  You have been Blessed with a Miracle of Direction.  You have been given someone to lead you, who walks only under the Protection of Heaven.’

Men try to interfere.  Men try to cause great harm to this instrument, some verbally and some physically, some mentally, some emotionally.  I want you to know that to walk for The Father as an instrument of Light, walking in the Light of Divine Love and Divine Hope, causes many men jealousy, indifference, and very unworthy tactics, not considering Souls.

The Light is bright.  My Love is Pure.  My Hope, deep.  My Desire, strong.  My Faith in how you must walk, one alone.

Never omit Me from your prayers, My children, and know that through This Great Miracle in the world, We want you to see the beauty of doing The Father’s Will so you will be with Us for All Eternity.

My Light comes in different degrees, encouraging children to serve the way they should, encouraging children to understand what they must, encouraging children to strive for total purity.

It is not easy to walk as ‘an instrument’ for The Father, but I say to you on this night, ‘Be aware that when an instrument is chosen, the Purpose is always Ultimate for the Souls of men.’

The whole world must understand The Father’s Way when He works with man.  Men are running in all directions, away from The Father’s Will, sinning in terrible ways, causing great harm to the Soul.

Be alert, My daughters, and be aware that as you walk in the footsteps of the beloved Saint Therese, know that She is with you everywhere, for The Father has granted Her, Her wish that was requested in Her very strong will.  There is no place upon the earth He does not allow Her to go.  There is no time He does not grant Her, Her wish when She wants to answer a call.  She served in humility and love.  She served in hope, always with a gesture of happiness toward Him, and for the good of her Soul.

I, your Heavenly Mother, say, ‘You are Blessed, My children, to know how to become a Saint through the human role.’ Be honest and be sure.  Walk with dignity and integrity.  Be aware of self-discipline and self-control, and always keep purity as your aim and your goal.

Be blessed, My little ones, with the Light of Divine Hope and Love, and know, that to some the Light is blinding and to some It is a pressure.  To some It is like shimmering gold, and to others perhaps another way is felt, but do not feel left out, for no mother casts aside a child who wants to be loved by her, whether it be from Heaven or on earth.  So be it.”

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