ON MAY 22, 1981 AT 1:03 PM


“I have placed in your midst an instrument, an instrument through which My Power passes to the whole world.  I have placed this instrument in a particular place, to demonstrate, to direct, to coordinate, and of course, to participate in the action I want, to motivate men of all kinds to see My Will in their particular place.

I am The Father of all mankind.  I am The Judge of all mankind.  I am The Creator of all mankind.  I am The One Who has given to mankind My Rules, My Direction, My Commands, My Hopes, My Love, and of course, the Soul that must be returned to Me for all time.

I speak through an instrument of Mine.  She is of human birth.  She is of human ways.  She is of human nature, personality, intelligence, knowledge, needs, but beyond all this, she is an instrument of The Divine, she is an instrument of Mine, for the sake of all mankind.

At this moment men discuss this woman in the world, not all in kindness, not all in understanding, not all in a view of how she truly is for the whole world.  This does not concern Me, this does not concern her; but, what they say concerns My Will to be done for all mankind.

Let Us take one moment in the Time of This Great Miracle and help you to understand that What is said through her must be obeyed.  What is done through her must be seen as Mine, and what Corrections she makes must stand, not just in the minds of man, but in the actions of man, for there is much dependent upon the obedience that must be seen, heard, acted upon, and driven into the minds of men so they will uphold What I Decree to be for the whole world.

I bless you but I also remind you, obedience to What this instrument says, What this instrument directs, is Important for all men, for you see, I have rarely come to the world in such an atmosphere, in such a direct manner, to relate to man, to direct man to particular ways that must be followed to the minutest detail, according to My Commands.

This is an Important Time in the History of mankind.  This is Important for every man throughout the world, no matter what race, color or creed this man stands in.

This woman is an instrument of Mine. This woman stands for The Divine and this woman must be seen for how she is, what she is, who she is, and how she walks upon the earth.  I demand it, I command it; and I want you to know, if this City is not done according to My Will, men will walk in total despair, agony, fear, and without hope.  It is not just a threat.  It is Important, for men have reached the lowest forms of life they could.  So be it.”

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