ON JUNE 5, 1981 AT 2:45 PM


“I have handed a Miracle of Great Renown to the world.  Men have not listened to what I have said.  They want more proof of what I want them to do.  In the beginning of time it was the same way.  Men wanted proof of everything I did and everything that I did say.  Men must not question My Will and men must not criticize My Way.

I have given to the world a Great Miracle, One in which Hope is expressed in many ways.  I have given man Direction in how to be, in how to think, and even in what to say.

I want This Miracle that I have given to be seen for what It is.  I want men to value the Truths that are given through This Miracle for all mankind, no matter where they live.

Men try to dissect what I say, they try to diminish My Commands, and they try to act with My Powers so they will be important to man.  Men who imitate My Powers are false prophets in many ways.  My Wisdom would not permit many men to have the Power I Am, to use as they decide It to be used.

I want men to understand that no matter what race, no matter what color, no matter what creed they have accepted, they must see My Ten Rules as I gave Them to be, for the purity of mind, body and Soul, so the Soul would return to Me.

I want this instrument freed for My Use and My Use alone.  I want detail to be done in the manner I have already Decreed.  Men, at this moment, are discussing points so that this City will not be done accordingly, but I, The Creator of all mankind, Decree It must be, for the Souls of men to come Here to be with Me for All Eternity.

I speak instantly through this instrument, and I want you to know that in every way and in every thing, the Directions I have given for this City must be obeyed.  There must be a great thrust forward to accomplish My Will and men must understand the Value of My Wish and My Will in the time you live.

I have Blessed you with My Words and I have Blessed you with Hope through This Piece of land, but I want you to be fully aware that no man must stand in the way of My Will to be done for My Souls.  So be it.”

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