ON JUNE 24, 1981


“As you leave here tonight, be aware that This Great Miracle was given to you because God is so fair and God is so right.  And All the Words, All the Directions, All the Teachings, All the Revealings, All the Messages, were given to you through God’s Light, passed on to you in the Wind of His Power and on the Power of His Wind, Which is One Alone.  There is no other one like It.

The Mystery of Heaven has not been totally revealed, but the Beauty in some ways has been told to give you a better understanding of God’s Great Love for each of you.  This Miracle of Hope is special in your time for the Miracle of Hope has been sent from The Divine, and through an instrument upon the earth, God’s Love radiates in Every Word.  The Light of God’s Love has changed many lives.  The Faith in each man develops according to the will of the man and the Light He allows to shine in his eyes.

A Miracle of Greatness has been given to the world, not myth, not legend, but It takes place instantly.  There is so much, My children, for men to learn.  The Words that I have already given must be spread throughout the world, for though I speak in many ways, I speak directly so that when you pass These Words on, you will gain the Grace momentarily.  Never ignore the chance to grow in Grace, for Grace is strengthening.

As I pass the Light to you through This Miracle of Love and Hope, the Rays that touch you are of Me, and within the Ray is Grace to support you.  As I stand Where I am in the Heavens Above you, I stand in your midst to bless you, for I can be all places at once, I can bless millions and trillions, for there is no man in the world I cannot touch, but in your littleness, I want you to know that the Light of Me has touched your Soul.  So be it.”

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