ON OCTOBER 9, 1985


“Many men are inspired by simple things.  Many women have the ability to inspire in others small ideas that turn into great things.  When a child has Faith in The Father’s Will, a child has the ability to stimulate, motivate, and encourage example, for others to see the beauty of service in charity, the beauty of love in giving, and the beauty of purity in living.

My children, I am your Heavenly Mother.  All things spoken through this small instrument in the world are delivered to the world according to The Father’s Will, to give Strength where it is needed, Hope where it is needed, and Love where it is needed.

There is so much selfishness, egoism, immorality.  There is so much in the world that men have accepted as right for them because they live in a time when things are allowed, things that are easy for men to enjoy.  In their hearts they know it is not truth, but they justify it by becoming a part of it so they will not be left out of worldly pleasures, worldly goals.

This Great Miracle is so Important to the whole world for It delivers to the world of mankind The Father’s Love, The Father’s Direction, The Father’s Hope, and of course, The Father’s Will.

It is not difficult to follow The Father’s Will.  It is really quite simple, if one would but repeat at least one time a day His Ten Commandments, to remind one’s self of the Beauty of Them, the Importance in each of Them, and the Goal He intended for Them, for each one’s Soul.

Please, My children, do not ignore My Words for I say Each Word for your benefit, and Each Word I speak is the Will of The Father, for your Soul.

You are Loved with a Love you cannot understand nor could you recognize It through the eyes of man, but one day when you are Here with Us you will say these words.  I know, because I have already heard them: ‘If I had but known the Rewards that awaited me, I would have bowed so low that with my human eyes there was nothing I could see.  I would have laid prostrate on the floor so I could not sin in any way, and I would have asked to pass from the world, for the world is nothing compared to Heavenly Beauty.’

My children, remember These Words and remember the way.  Remember the will God gave to each of you at the moment of your conception on a particular day.  Your being in the world was meant to be.  Your living in the world was God’s Will for each of you.  Your Eternity with Him is also His Will, so it must be.

I bless you with a Mother’s Love, but I bless you with The Father’s Will and I say: ‘No matter how small a Light of Faith burns within you, it can grow if you allow it to be.  It can shine brighter than the brightest star, for you see, the Light of Loving God within you, is already a Part of God, It is your Soul.’  So be it.”

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