ON APRIL 16, 1986


“This Miracle with the Heading of ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, has given to the world many things to go on, not just those who listen to the Words, but to one day give to millions of people throughout the world the Words, as a Guideline to become a Saint.

As I stand within this instrument I stand in the Spirit of Light and Purity, Hope and Divine Love.  I stand to extend to each son here, not just My Hand but a Mother’s Love.

It is difficult for some in the world to understand that We Here in the Heavens would speak so openly, so clearly, so distinctly, so simply, of the importance of how you should walk upon the earth, what Rules you should be guided by, and the importance of being responsible in everything you do, for everything you do, for the good of your Soul.

It is important, My sons, for you to understand that as you are in the human way, it is the way The Father chose for you, to use this path to become a Saint in the Spirit of Heaven, to live with Him for All Eternity, to be with Us in a Special Way.

You walk different ways of life and yet you walk the human life.  You walk sometimes, ignoring what is good for you.  You walk sometimes, not always in peace, but sometimes in fear, sometimes in hurt, and sometimes in anger; but I, your Mother, your Heavenly One, come to you tonight and say, ‘If you use as your guide for every day, The Commands, The Rules The Father gave to a man who walked the human way, you will be guided with the Light of Divine Hope.’

Do not play games with God, for if you do, you will find that the world will become a horror to you.  You will be tangled in the briar patches and they will hold you.

There are so many things I have spoken through this instrument, things of lightness, things of love, things of hope, especially to implant in your mind the importance of how you must think, so you will think before you act, you will think before you talk, you will think before you take that next step.

I have given you things to give you balance.  All of Heaven has come forward to aid Me in this.  Do not look at The Heavenly Beings as human beings.  Look at The Heavenly Beings as Supreme, Supernatural, and Beings of Great Light beyond men’s knowledge.

As you walk, when you leave where you are tonight, make yourself think about the next time temptation enters your mind.  Do not allow your mind to concentrate on the temptation, but say a prayer, look to Me.  I will always protect you with My Mantle, with My Hand, with My Love, with Direction, for you are never out of My Sight.

I speak through a woman, I speak through an instrument, I speak through a human being, but this is how it happened all through time, for how could a Spirit of just Light instruct you?  You would be frightened and then you would pass It off as saying, ‘It was not so, it was a mistake, I must have imagined the Light.’ So as the voice speaks and the Words come through, I want you to know I speak not just because I love you, but because of your Soul that The Father waits for, and It will return one day, day or night.

Remember, as you came into the world, it perhaps was not convenient for someone at that time, but when you leave and the last breath comes, it will not be convenient for others, but that is unimportant.  The important thing is that when you serve your time upon the earth and you take that breath that says, ‘That part of life is over now; now I must face God in a Heavenly Light,’ those will be the moments I will stand right there, for I cannot bear to lose a Soul to the enemy of God.

Remember one thing, My sons, your Souls are All expected to return from Where They came, Here.  So be it.”

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