ON JUNE 18, 1986


“Heaven is not a secret.  Heaven is for all children born to the world.  There is enough room in Heaven for the Souls of all people, people from all times, people who pass on at all ages.

Heaven waits with open arms for the Soul to come, to pass before The Father’s Eyes and receive His Blessing.  The only sadness Here in the Heavens is when it is noted that a Soul will not make Its way, find Its way back from Where It came.

There is so much that has been spoken through This Great Miracle.  There is so much yet to come, to be done, to be practiced, to be shown, and to be used as direction, for all of mankind.

Soundness in Faith is a Reality of God’s Existence.  Soundness in love of one’s Faith is hope, strength, and yes, gives Goal to one’s Purpose of the physical life.

Remember that men should always look at God’s Ten Commandments.  Read Them, repeat Them, copy Them, follow Them, be example of the goodness in Them, and then there is no cause for alarm for the benefits that will be reaped by one’s Soul.

Men look at holidays as a special time.  There is no greater holiday than the day when The Father will look into the Eyes of a child’s Soul, welcome the Soul and say: ‘You have returned to Me My Way, that Part of Me I longed for, I know now will stay.  I shared It with a human one, one day.  It is good to have You back in this special way, more special because of what You represent, different of course in many ways, when You were first sent to reside and be a part of human flesh, of human way.  But now You return to Me as a Saint, glowing with a Love that is special to Me, glowing in a Manner My Way.’

My sons, I speak to you on this night for there is so much for you to look at, look to, and look into, regarding your own way of life, for as you look and as you feel and as you commit your daily way, remember, you will always experience stress.  You will find a Light if you look for It, to light the way to Here.  You will find hope in every place if you see the Beauty of Heavenly Love everywhere.

Do not allow yourselves to stray.  Do not allow anyone to hear you say you don’t care about your Soul, you’re only living for that day, the day that you experience, human flesh, human wants.

Look forward, My sons, to the time We will stand Face to face.  A Love like this you cannot know.  Glory such as this will be, will only that day show, but It is something for you to reach out for, something for you to reach with your thoughts, your words, your deeds, your example.  It is Here for you, and I, as I stand Here waiting, I want you to know, no matter how many needs you have in life, My Need is greater for your Soul.  So be it.”

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