ON JUNE 25, 1986


“Very often a mission for Me draws so much attention to the instrument that many people try to cause angles of disruption to delay important issues.

The instrument through whom I speak, though she stands with many people, stands alone against all deceit.  Though the manner is soft, the Words are strong, deliberate, consistent, and constant.

Many times people question what they do not understand, but in their questioning they approach the subject wrong and then can never be satisfied with the answers because the answers do not blend.  There are so many times the child is used for particular reasons, for particular causes, to give to mankind the strength to follow what is sound, what has value, but children follow a weak way for they feel it is easier for them, and they do not listen to the strength in the Words given in a casual way, in a light way, or in a delicate way.

This manner is important to Me, because you see, all men could not handle, could not stand the blast of a great loud voice piercing their ears with dramatic words, harsh words, and words that would ring so loud and clear, the one who was listening would fear the words and run from the area, and then fall deeper into sin; so, a small voice, a light voice, a gentle voice is important at this time, because The One for Whom she speaks, The One that must become known throughout the world, is The One Who stood in a Simple Way, Soft and Gentle, but with the Wisdom beyond man’s means.

Wisdom can be a silent manner.  Wisdom can be a smile.  Wisdom can be soft words.  Wisdom always says everything worthwhile.  Knowledge has its place in the world but wisdom is the foundation of all that is good, all that is right, all that is sound, and yes, wisdom is the basis for Faith in Me, wisdom to believe that I Exist, wisdom to understand My Power, wisdom to realize I Am Supreme.

Please, My children, understand that This Miracle that I have set forth upon the land is a Miracle for all mankind to come, and for men to understand the beauty of reasoning of Faith in Me.  Man was not created for no purpose upon the land, or no purpose Where I Am.  Man was created to return Here with Me.

I have given man a Soul.  The wisdom in every human being should understand that there is more to life than just walking the earth, just existing every day, moment to moment, hour to hour.

Man must understand that there is a Portion of Me in each of them, and man must understand that That Portion must be returned to Me.  It is not a wisdom beyond man’s comprehension; it is a wisdom, gentle, light, understandable, and yes, reasonable, but it also is a privilege for having been born to the world for such a Great Goal, for the Soul to return to Me.

I love you in many ways you cannot understand.  I love you for your prayers, I love you for your thoughts, I love you for your desires to better understand Me, and there are so many things that I have allowed to be put upon the earth for you to use, to remember Me, to think about Me, to recognize Me, to honor Me.

It is true that I gave to the world of mankind Rules to live by.  They are still in the world for men to listen to, to see, to follow, to be example of.

I have given man Christianity.  I have given man Faith, hope, charity, love, honor, dignity.  I have told man that I want these things returned to Me.  I have told man in many ways.  I have given mankind, through many human beings, specific things to remind them of Me, to bring them, their body, their heart, their mind, their Soul, to a point wherein all they care about is to one day return to Me.

I love you, My children, in ways of great distinction.  I love you with My Heart.  I love you through The Heavenly Mother’s Love for a child, through the Glory of Her Being in Heaven with Me, as a Part of Me.  I love you when you pray to Her.  I love you when you honor Her.  I love you when you seek Her out in need.

The Beloved One you know as ‘Saint Joseph’ is definitely a Part of Me.  Never ignore this Fact, never say it cannot be, never eliminate it from your daily way of life, for the Justice, the Wisdom, the Hope and the Drive, the Silence, was always shown because It Was Me.  So be it.”

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