ON AUGUST 8, 1986 AT 4:43 PM


“Man says, ‘I believe in You, God, but in truth I do not understand the Greatness I behold in my Faith in You.’ Man says: ‘I am too little to understand.  I am too weak to recognize such Divine Plan.’

I come to the world today to say, ‘This Great Miracle of Direction, of Teaching, has given to the world a practical, logical view of the Purpose for which mankind was created; and in addition to this, man has been taught to review The Rules to live by so that the Soul can live forever as a Part of mankind for The Father to hold close the individual that returned the Soul to Him forever.’

A man, woman or child can lose a finger.  It is sad in many ways and the finger is missed for many reasons.  What a tragedy it is when man loses his Soul, for you see, the Soul does not just disappear, but the Soul must spend eternity with God’s enemy, which is more terrible than anything man can fear.

All through time man has searched for knowledge, greatness, prominence, success.  Only God has continuously reached mankind through individuals, to remind mankind of what is needed to give the physical a Goal, and to give the physical Hope.  It has been The Father’s Persistence, Perseverance and continued Closeness to man, that kept the Light of Faith like a beacon for men to follow, and grow in love with the Supernatural Power that radiated from all the things The Father gave to strengthen mankind in His Direction.

What better time in the world than now was there, to send such Positive Reminders, Direction, Love and Hope, of what Purpose was meant for each man born to the world?  Men use words ‘moral’, ‘immoral’, and yet these words mean little to so many men, women and children because they are so quick to adopt and to adapt to wrong ventures, immoral stands, and immoral values.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  My Words today are important for you who hear My Words openly, and for the thousands who must read My Words privately.  When a man, woman or child gives a gift for some reason, the desire for the gift to be enjoyed is obvious in many ways.  This feeling is minute to what The Father feels regarding a child’s Soul.  The Gift was of Supreme Nature, a Bond of Love, a Protective Mechanism, a Gift of Hope.  When men, women and children experience a hopelessness, it is frightening to them.  It bears despair.  It sometimes creates a shock to the physical and mental of the individual.

Every man, woman and child should understand, living is a privilege and a responsibility.  Faith is a Gift from God.  One’s will is a special Gift of Love, and one’s Soul is the Light for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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