ON DECEMBER 10, 1986 AT 8:24 AM


“Attention must be given to Every Word We have delivered from the Heavens over many years.  Attention must be pointed to What We have spoken through a woman in the world, to the very young, to those in middle years, and to those who are considered old.

The world is as a top spinning in a wild unpredictable way.  We Here in the Heavens, through What We have spoken, have tried, are trying, to slow mankind’s actions, thoughts, words and deeds, down to a responsible, self-controlled, self-disciplined degree, in cooperation with The Father’s Will, for the Purpose He intended man’s life to be.

A substantial amount of Direction has been given. The instrument through whom I speak, and so Many of Us have spoken, is fully aware of the tragedy that will befall mankind if the Words do not reach the world, from Here.

Men say they pray.  We are fully aware there is a confusion in how they determine prayer to be.  Men say it is the time in which they live that requires so much sin from them.  We say, ‘No, it is not misinterpretation, it is selfish self-love within man.’

There are so many sections, sects in the world, practicing wrong interpretation of God’s Ten Commandments.  This must cease.

Some men do not believe in Me.  Some men depend upon Me totally.  I am your Heavenly Mother.

The Power of This Great Miracle is far greater than man can conceive.  It is a Miracle of Light, a Miracle of Hope, a Miracle of Determination, a Miracle of Direction, a Miracle of Perseverance, Fortitude, Discipline, Responsibility.

We say It is a Miracle because of the Distinct Manner, Way, Means and Measure of how Our Words purely reach mankind. The child, the woman, the instrument is fully aware of being the funnel through which, by which and with which We reach mankind firsthand.

Men say, ‘I pray the Rosary,’ but they do not concentrate on what It is, what It means, and the purpose for which It was given to the world.

Men say, ‘I attend Holy Mass.’ It is sadness Here for it is once again as it was when We walked the earth:  humiliation, desecration and horror, to see such disrespect, such a lack of Faith, such a lack of hope, such a lack of understanding the Beauty of True Christianity, how It began, the Sacrifice and Love it took to give It to man.

My Blessings are always with all children.  My Love never diminishes.  I come to the world today to say, ‘The Words must reach mankind, no matter what the cost, no matter what the sacrifice, no matter what non-believers will say.’

I bless you in a way you do not understand, but I want you to know that as My Hand rises Where I am, It is a Blessing that passes from this room throughout the world.  So be it.”

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