ON MARCH 28, 1987


“So often I ask a child to stand in a particular way, for a particular purpose, for the good of mankind.  The child responds to the Will of Mine.  It is not the child’s decision nor the child’s will to act accordingly, but the child, in obedience, commitment, love, says, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine.’

I say to the child: ‘You will have to repeat many things to many, in My Name.  You will have to sometimes say at inconvenient times, “I must leave and go another way for I must be about my Father’s Business.”’ This will sound strange to many, and they will say this belongs only to One before this time, but I, your Father, come on this day and say: ‘It has happened many times since then.  It looks natural, looks normal, but in so many ways it is driven by Divine Power, Divine Love, Divine Hope, and it gives to children of all kinds, the means, the manner and the way to learn the Importance of obedience, the Guidelines of hope, and the Beauty of loving in a Divine Way.’

There is no selfishness in such a Love.  There is no competition in such Love.  There is only Hope, Direction, Purpose and Goal, for men to see, seek, understand, follow, and commit themselves to, for the good of their Soul.

You are Blessed in many ways; first, in the way of your Faith.  There is Grace given when a child stands in Faith, obedient to My Will.  I have thousands of times talked through this instrument and I have Blessed thousands through the Faith they have shown in the submission of a will to My Will, to accomplish My Plan at this time in the world.

You must understand that all you are I gave you, all you have to live for is what I Will, and you must understand that as I send such Blessings to the land, It is for the good and the Beauty of your Soul.  So be it.”

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