ON JUNE 24, 1987


“It is never easy to stand in a place, in a position, in a way, for a specific reason God intends it, to reveal to the world.  Children of all ages respect the idea of Faith in God, and in their innocence do not fathom, comprehend, realize the Magnitude of The Father.

The Father is Strength, Support, and a child looks at The Father as a Supreme Power and Someone with Whom they can depend upon in all times of suffering, hurt, need, desire and hope.

It is difficult for some children to believe that anyone unseen, as He is, can care so deeply, so much, so often, for the needs of human beings.

Children look at Me and they can believe sometimes more in how I walk, how I am and What I say, because a child so often looks at a mother’s face and feels compassion, feels hope, and feels a contentment of support, for support, in support.

A mother’s face says, ‘I love you, now do what you are told.’ A father’s face may look as though he is ready to scold, not always true, but a child feels the firmness and the strength, the support of the protector.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  There are many heresies throughout the world, the time in which you live.  There are many errors being performed by men who feel they have the knowledge necessary to direct others in.

I stand in the Heavens but I also stand in the world in many ways, and when children pray to Me, I respond as a mother responds to a child, individually.

There are so many things yet to be spoken through This Great Miracle.  So many Mysteries have been revealed through This Great Miracle.  The time had come, and has come, for children to better understand the Beauty, the Purpose, the Goal of life The Father intends.

It is true, some men doubt, some women doubt, some children doubt.  It is true there is much confusion in the world.  It is true there are many who are misleading others, but if you will but look to the Prayers you have been given, the Direction you have been shown, the Love that has been extended, you will find that the path to Here is paved with Love and Example.

So many times people pray.  They are of all creeds, colors.  They feel comfort in the prayer, but they do not feel that the prayers are answered in the way they requested them to be.

Always remember, when a child upon the earth asks a mother for something special, the mother may know that what the child requests is not right at that moment, or it can be she is unable at that time to answer the request according to the child’s wish, but a mother’s heart, a mother’s love very often replaces what she cannot give with a hug or a kiss, a promise, a word of direction, a word of hope.

It is this way with Me for you, individually.  Never feel I have not heard, never feel I have not answered, never feel I have ignored you totally, but always know a Gift, a Promise, a Ray of Hope is always there from Me to you.

I speak in the world today.  I speak for that Precious Gift of Love that each of you are the custodians of, the Soul.  I speak to give you strength.  I speak to hand you the Light of the True Way.  I speak to strengthen all you are, and I speak to remind you of your Soul, that Soul that is a Portion of Him, that Soul that you are the custodian of, that Soul that must return Here.

Be aware of the Light of prayer, in prayer.  Be aware of the Importance of the Guidance that prayer offers.  Be aware of the type of prayer you say, and always say prayer for protection of your daily life in the physical, mental, and moral way.

I speak Openly, I speak Lovingly, I speak in Truth, and I speak through a Light of gold, white, silver and blue.  I speak because of the Faith you have.  I speak to help your Faith grow.  I speak because I love you, for you see, I am aware of your physical and I am aware of the Beauty of your Soul.  So be it.”

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