ON AUGUST 19, 1987


“Men, every one of you has an intellect.  Some of you are inclined one way, some are inclined another way.  Some are shy, some are quiet, some are talkative, some have motivation, some have interests in many fields.  Some have not yet found what they’re to do, but no matter what you do, remember that God must be first in your mind, your heart, your work and your daily living, and of course, your daily example.

The Society Of Saint John Vianney would be nothing if you had no Goal for your Soul.  God wants you to have the Goal, Our Blessed Mother wants you to have the Goal, and of course, you couldn’t have a better Saint to follow than Saint John Vianney.

The Miracle Of Saint Joseph has had to say many things that were difficult for a human being to say, because sometimes Statements are so controversial, sometimes Statements leave people concerned, worried, but there are so many things that have been revealed through This Great Miracle that were meant only to give strength to a man or woman or child’s way of life.

Men say, ‘Why would Heaven speak through her?’ and I, your Heavenly Mother say: ‘Why not?  The Words are Ours, the Direction is clear, and as We speak through a woman in the world, We have done so before, years gone by, with Special Messages to all children, Special Love.’ We deliver Hope, We deliver a particular Strength.  We teach you understanding of what life is all about.  We hand you Truth, for you, with your will to decide what you will do with It, how you will use It, how deeply you will allow It to penetrate your mind and your body, for the good of your Soul.

Men will say I would not speak.  My Voice is hers to you, but the Words are Mine because of My Love for you.  So be it.”

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