ON AUGUST 26, 1987


“Everything that is happening now in Holy Mother Church is very, very important.  Everything we bend to, everything we accept that is wrong, we are allowing satan to move in and he’s not cautious, please believe me; he’s a daredevil and he is moving into Holy Mother Church.  He has moved in and there are some good priests out there.

We, as The Society Of The Little Way, bearing the Name of One of the Greatest Saints in Heaven, should make a pact tonight to say one Rosary every day, in addition to perhaps the one or two we say other than that, but one Rosary every day to Our Blessed Mother and ask Her to intercede and rid the Church of satan.  It is a Very Important Message, a very important decision, and it can be done.

That one Rosary takes fifteen minutes.  That one Rosary can be said lying down, sitting down.  That one Rosary can be said at any time in twenty-four hours, and that one Rosary can conquer many things.  The Power of the Rosary, diminished by so many of the liberal priests, is a very powerful prayer.

We must understand that we have a responsibility to do everything we can, in our example, in our very presence, in our respect for The Blessed Sacrament, in our respect for the priests, in our honoring The Tabernacle, and in our willingness to say extra prayers to rid the Church of satan.

Please, as a Society Of The Little Way member, think of the seriousness that we are confronted with.  Think of your part that you should play.  I should think of the part I should play.  In order to turn things around it will take prayer.  We are in a Christian war.  We are definitely in a battle.

As I speak through this instrument tonight I say to each child present, ‘There have been many Christian wars throughout time and you must understand you are truly in an arena, an arena where much blood is being shed in different ways.’

You are in an arena, pitting authority against love for God, authority against Faith in God, authority that is so busy being authoritative that it is eliminating love for God.  You are in an arena where you do not see animals but you see men in all types of garb striving for attention, and yes, exercising all their abilities and capabilities to have power in their own capacity, in their own way, in their own jurisdiction.

Prayer to Me is important.  Prayer for a particular reason means you care, you are concerned, you are perhaps worried.  Are you terrified at what could happen if satan can open so many doors that he can rob you of the Greatest Gift in the world, The Beloved Blessed Sacrament?  Men are abusing this Beloved Gift.  Some men are amused by It and by the fact that children of all ages depend upon It.

The world is in great turmoil, for such a war as this causes much dissension, much uprising, much harm, and in many ways destroys what The Father Wills to be done.

Before I leave you, I ask you to remember one thing:  Your will is your line of decision.  Your intellect many times encourages your will to make decisions that are on the borderline of right and wrong.

You have experienced much and many times, the Light of Divine Will.  You have been taught what The Father Wills.  You have been encouraged to use the Guidelines of Love, Truth, Beauty and Logic.  You have been encouraged to exercise your Faith in God in many ways.  You have been told how much you are Loved.  There is no other place in the world such as this.

You are the custodians of Truth, of Direction, of Hope.  You are the custodians of the way to follow what is right.  You are the custodians of the degree of Faith in God you will use.  Your Souls are the beneficiaries of what you do with the will God gave to each of you.

There are many men saying: ‘You are wrong.  Don’t be so serious.  This is a new world.  Live by the new rules, act accordingly.  Do what you feel is best for your neighbor.’ Yes, this is good, but do not forget God must come First, Above all things, all others, and when God comes First you can do no harm to your neighbor; but, if you put your neighbor and yourself before God, the selfishness and many other sins you can commit in this manner of life can destroy you and can rob you of your Soul forever.

The Light that has been given so many times is to instill in you deeper what The Father Wills you to think about, to hold close to you, to follow, to be example of, to understand more what you are all about, why He created man the way He did, and the Purpose for each child born to the world.

Be blessed, My daughters, and know, I do not come on this night just to be talking, but to leave a Message of Heaven’s Love and encourage each of you to fight well in the arena.  Fight with dignity, respect, honor.  Fight with purpose, and remember that you are a soldier of God and as you fight in His Name, for His Will to be done, you will be blessed by Him in ways you cannot understand, but I, your Mother say, ‘The Way is Divine Love.’  So be it.”

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