ON APRIL 5, 1988 AT 4:05 PM


“Men struggle to believe, to accept, to understand how The Father would act or would work in the midst of men.  He has done it many times through innocent ones, through learned ones, always asking one thing:  commitment of one’s will, one’s body, one’s mind, for the benefit of Souls.

Thousands of years He has entered the world, in some ways Personally, evidently, quietly, always instructing, never concealing, always directing, giving children of all kinds, all races, all colors, all creeds, the benefit of Sound Direction which He has never concealed.

Children of all kinds say they reserve the right to accept or deny their belief in how The Father would display His Affection, His Hope, His Love, to mere man, from Above.  It is always sad to hear doubt when something is truly demonstrated by The Father’s Will, to keep mankind in balance, to help mankind understand His Will.  True, it is a Mystery, but it is a Mystery evidenced with a Clarity of Direction, with Sound Hope in application, and Truth in Its perception.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, I have spoken many times through This Miracle of Love, of Direction.  I am The Mother of All Mankind.  I am The Patroness of Purity.  I am The Director of Hope.  I am The Queen of Heaven.  I am The Mother of Mercy.  I am The Heart of The Holy Trinity.

As My Heart beats with His Heart, for each child born to the world, it is not a mixture of blood that joins in this Love, as you know blood to be, it is a Divine Love desiring to capture a child’s attention so that the child will look to The Hearts that are All Purity.

Men walk in sin.  It is not related only to one race of mankind.  It is spread throughout the world, and one of the deepest hurts is that it is spread to those who have learned The Father’s Will, His Rules, and what He expects of human dignity.

All of Heaven watches over This Great Miracle that is displayed in such innocence and in such a quiet manner.  No loud exclaiming to gather attention, but Simplicity, Dignity, Understanding, and a constant Reflection on what The Father Wills for the Soul of each human being He has allowed to be created, not to fill the world with mankind to balance nature out, but for the benefit of children to see that the human life is but the beginning for Life for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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