ON MAY 25, 1988


“Much effort by All of Us Here in Heaven has been put forth thousands of times, to encourage children of all kinds, all ages, to support Truth, to understand what Truth is, and to balance their life on Truth.

So many children find it easier to tell an untruth because they feel that the responsibility of Truth weighs heavy.  In reality, the sound Truth gives peace to the Soul, honor and dignity to the individual, and strength to the receiver, whether the Truth be verbal, written, or in the smallest example.

Much Light has been sent forth through This Great Miracle.  It is a Miracle because of the Magnitude of the Teaching The Father has decided would go forth to the world, through a mere instrument in the world, for all mankind to better understand what life is all about, the Purpose of life, the Reason for life, the Beauty that one day comes when a physical life ends, and the Spiritual Life, the Light of the Soul has a chance to once again glow before The Father’s Eyes.

Death is a part of living that men are frightened of, but a man, woman or child who lives in Truth, in loving God, understanding the need for such love for God, goes from one world to Another in a Light of Glory, a Light of Hope, a Light that is indescribable in any man’s words.

There are so many facets of life you have learned about and there are so many areas of life you have been taught to better understand.  It is important on this night that you see Truth and you see the beauty of loyalty.

As I hold the instrument tightly, My Love for each of you extends to you in a degree you can withstand, because of your littleness.  I am your Heavenly Mother.

We Here in the Heavens have spoken so many times and We have seen children rush out and forget What was said, and then at a later date the subject will arise and the child will wonder where they heard a portion of that subject and they will try hard to remember, but We do not always allow the child to remember, just that the subject at that time should be handled carefully for the sake of the Soul.

There are many degrees of ecstasy, many degrees in how this instrument hears what We say, understands what We mean.  Life in the world should never be wasted for there is so much to be done to correct so many things.  Time is important to man.  Time is important to God, for He allows a certain amount of time for mankind to reach a state of Purity.

Some children say, ‘So many young die, they did not have a chance to understand more.’ Some people say that some people live too long, beyond the point of caring.  No one has the right to judge how long a human life should be, but there are men now deciding many things on the life of a human being.

Sometimes people think if the world was rid of a certain man or woman, the world would be a better place.  Who are these men to judge such things?

My daughters, I have spoken many times through ‘other instruments’, always with a Reason, always with a Purpose, always on specific things.  Each instrument is chosen for a different manner of responsibility.

As I speak to you on this night, I say two Very Important things: ‘Be thankful for where you are tonight, and then remember to not waste What you have learned.’ It would be a shame for Us to have put such effort into such Important things and have you dismiss the Importance of What has been spoken and ignore your responsibilities.

I bless you with The Father’s Love.  I bless you with a Mother’s Love. This instrument will describe the Vision she has seen.”


“Our Lady is about ten feet high, that is, off the ground.  Her dress is white.  It appears as though there is blue in the folds.  Her sash glistens as if the sun is shining on Her.  Her Face has a blinding Beauty to It.  She smiles at this.  The sandals on Her Feet are gold.

She said to tell you what I see in Her Face is Heaven’s Light.  It has almost an appearance of gold.  She says it is not gold, but She said my eyes are so penetrated with the Light.  She said this same Light shines in The Tabernacle day and night.  The human eye cannot see the Light, but for you to remember It is always there.

She said I could let you know that this degree of ecstasy will take three days to be released fully.”

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