ON JUNE 15, 1988


“Sometimes when God sends a Great Miracle to the world, It is defied and rarely defended.  The instrument, through which The Divine works, is many times the only defender for such Supernatural Grace, but when a Blessing of Great Magnitude enters the world, It is not given to the world for the instrument, It is given to the world for all of mankind.

It is easy for man to read a book, take the content, apply it or reject it, or to tell others about it, that it was interesting, encouraging, enlightening, but when Heaven hands Words, They are Words of Instruction, Words of Direction, Words to Implant and Instill Hope, for the benefit of a child’s Soul.

They talk about what happened historically, that thousands gathered and thousands were spoken to, thousands believed that a Man standing in their midst was The Messiah.  What gave these people the Faith to believe such an impossible story, thought, idea?  There was no extra encouragement.  The belief came because of the Words spoken, the Naturalness, the Hope, the Love, the Direction.

Again I come to the world to teach, in the same Manner, with the same Force, as I did a long time ago.  A small number gathers, but the Words are transcribed so that thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of children will read the Words and respond to the Words, for the benefit of his or her own Soul.

Why would I come in a time like yours, why would I speak in a day like yours, why would I take the time?  Because of a Great Love for mankind, it is now as it was in that time long ago.

I have spoken.  Others have spoken.  You have recognized some Names and there have been some Names you have not recognized, that you wondered about, you thought about, and yet the Name encouraged you to grow in Faith, to grow in love, to grow in hope, and to desire to one day come Above.

In business, no man likes to fail.  Socially, no man likes to fail.  Men should think of Spiritual growth and reject failing in this Important state of being.  Men should think of not just disgrace in failing spiritually, but the disaster to one’s own Soul.

As I speak to you I speak on the Winds of The Holy Spirit.  I speak to you as The Son.  If I say to you, ‘I am God The Father,’ if there were strangers among you some would run and say, ‘It cannot be, it would not be; this is false, for The Holy Trinity would not speak in this manner, this way, as One.’

I do speak constantly through this instrument in the world, and I do say this to you, ‘Allow yourself to not just believe in Who I Am, What I Have Spoken, but allow yourself to see the Importance of the Words, the Importance to your Spirituality.’

I come in much Grace, but as I am in your place, I must say that I reach you through The Spirit of The Holy Trinity.  So be it.”

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