ON JULY 13, 1988


“As I have said many things through this instrument tonight, I have spoken with much Love, and yes, I add, with much delight.

There is no Miracle in the world as thorough in teaching children of all kinds, how to accept, how to perform, how to do The Father’s Will.  It is as it was in the time We walked the earth, a time of enlightening, a time in which Hope was given, and a time when children were taught to understand the Beauty of Christianity, the Importance of Tradition, and the Love The Father had for every child, woman and man.

The world is in chaos and you do live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  There is no easy answer to the whole of this tragic event but there is great hope, because through the Words We have spoken, there is much Direction for children to hold, to be example of, to share verbally and on paper.  This Great Miracle is not for just those of you who are here but for the whole world.

Many men try, in many ways, to shed This Great Miracle from their walk of life, their way.  They want this instrument through whom I speak, to agree solely and totally with them in every way, both the strong and the weak, but sometimes her silence in their presence says more to them than hundreds or thousands of words, and then sometimes a few Words spoken in a direct form causes them to think.  By nature, the instrument is silent; by vocation, verbal.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  I have come to the world to let children of all kinds understand that as We were upon the earth a long time ago, We are once again upon the land, through Words, through Love, through Personal Direction, through Hope, and yes, through a Manner of Instilling the Way to what men would call ‘the Promised Land’, a Place in Heaven where there is work to be done, a Castle in Heaven for the work that has been done.

Be blessed, My children, and remember this, that as your Faith grows there is not always human bliss, but as your Faith is practiced it develops more in a way of The Father’s Will, and this, of course, gives Him much happiness.

A Blessed Event is called ‘the birth of a child’.  A Blessed Event Here in the Heavens is when a Soul arrives in that Perfect State of Grace, in a Light that shines brighter than the stars.  You have a Soul.  I want you to know We expect It to arrive Here in the Manner and the Way you have just been told.  So be it.”

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