ON JULY 27, 1988


“In the human life man counts years.  Astronomers many times use the terminology ‘light years’.  We Here in the Heavens refer to things in somewhat of a different manner.

At the moment of conception a child begins to age.  Time is important to man.  Man gives a certain amount of time before this child makes entrance into the world.  Man says, ‘It will be within this time that a child will come, and we will have the responsibility of this child.’ Rarely does anyone say: ‘We are already responsible for the Soul of this child to be born.  We have been responsible since the time of conception for the Soul of the individual.’

Men ignore the Importance of the Soul.  All the importance is put on the physical:  Is it a girl, is it a boy?  What will it look like?  What will it be?  Will it be a sweet baby or a baby that has a very strong will of its own?  Will the baby look like the mother or the father?  Will the baby be talented?  And of course, yes, the baby will have a big job in the world, the hope of many people.  The baby will be rich, the baby will be this, the baby will be that.  But how many men and women in the world ever say, ‘God, help this baby become a Saint’?

The whole world is in turmoil.  There are many fractures in ‘a structure’ that is important for many Souls, responsible for many Souls.  Who is going to mend the fractures?  Prayers will help.  Good deeds would do their share.  But as I have spoken so many times through This Great Miracle, it is everyone who has the Faith to believe in The Father’s Will, The Father’s Commandments, that has a responsibility to remember the Soul.

There are Three of Us Here speaking to you on this night in your time, for the benefit of your Faith to grow, for you to better understand that your will is important, and you must see your will for the purpose it was given, it was designed for.

I am your Heavenly Mother.  The Two with Me, I smile and say, ‘The beloved Saint Therese of The Little Way comes again to the world, and the Other One Who stands with Me is One Who walked as man, Who has spoken many times, for children of all kinds to better understand what the physical life was for.  His Name is Alphonsus Liguori.  As He lived in the world He had great devotion to Me.  His Place in This Great Miracle is to help you understand the Importance of what life is all about, and the Importance of your Soul.’

Therese stands to My left.  She smiles with an assuring smile of Love, for many have walked in Her footsteps.  But I, your Heavenly Mother say, ‘Always remember that as She walked a particular road, She had strength, always hope, but Her Faith in everything She felt and did was what gave Her the strength for sound action, self-discipline and self-control.’

You have been Blessed many, many times because of your Faith, because of how you feel, in your understanding the importance of prayer where others are concerned.  Lean on prayer, lean on Faith in God, and never omit from your daily conscience the Importance of The Commandments that were given a long time ago.

I must add another line to this, for I want you to think clearly on this:  When The Commandments were given to a man a long time ago, the man came down from the mountain and he was faced with everything that would throw anyone in despair, but he knew he had a Task to perform and he knew that he had to teach constantly, consistently ‘What The Father Willed’ for all mankind to understand the Purpose of life, what they must do, so there was no moment during the day or night that he did not stand strong.

I ask you in a simple way, ‘Is it not true that The Commandments that were given were for all of mankind?’ They have lasted, in your time, three thousand years.  What you have learned about Them had to be carried through because of the Truth in Them, the Value to Them, and from Whom They came, for nothing else could have lasted this long and leave such a Permanent Mark wherever They are shown.  But never have We heard the remark about this man, who was given The Commands and The Rules for all of mankind to live by, that ‘he was infallible’.

Remember What I have spoken to you tonight.  Remember The Commandments as you know Them to be.  They cover every phase of your life.  And remember that God, in His Love for mankind, has given to the world a Great Miracle.

Much has been revealed, much has been taught, much has been given.  Much sacrifice has been made in areas you do not know of, for Messages to be handed to you, and These Messages will pass on to millions of people who will not have heard Them personally, but They will go on as The Commandments did, for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years.

All of Heaven has come forth to give This Great Miracle to the world, to give Credence to It, put Love in It, and send Direction through It, according to The Father’s Will.  Never be blinded by things that people tell you that could possibly be untrue.  Think it out for yourself, work it out according to what you feel you can handle, what you feel will give you the strength to grow closer to The Father, and what, in your heart, you know will give you the strength to become a Saint and be counted Here.

Remember, from the moment of conception you had a Soul.  It is that Soul you must return from Where It came, That Portion of The Father, That Portion of His Love and His Will.
So be it.”

Saint Therese has just left, Saint Alphonsus Liguori has just left.  Our Lady rises and is almost out of sight, but certainly not out of our hearts or our minds or our memories.

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