ON OCTOBER 26, 1988 AT 8:17 AM


“Men talk about Faith.  They do not understand how valuable this word is.

Faith in one’s fellowman can change according to the personality of all concerned, the intentions of all concerned, the practices of all concerned, and the goals of all concerned.

Faith in What I Am is different.  Faith in Me is based on the logic that I exist, I must exist, for who, in the world, ever born to the world, has the Power I Have?  No one, nothing, nor does the enemy, the opposite of Me.

I have given mankind a will.  I call it ‘a line for decisions’, ‘a line of decision’, a line that allows mankind to say ‘Yes or No’, ‘I will, I won’t’, ‘I can, I can’t’.

This Gift of Faith in mankind, that I instilled at the moment of conception, bears a depth of feeling that in its own area of man’s being, determines right from wrong, good from evil, and all through life makes decisions that are beneficial to man’s mind, body and Soul, or detrimental to man’s mind, body or Soul.

As I come to the world now, My Words I am allowing to be recorded so mankind will not have to try to remember the exactness in What I
spoke.  Mankind will not have to discuss with others the interpretational meaning of What I meant when Certain Things were spoken.

This is an Important Time in the History of mankind.  This Time will go down in many books.  This is the Time that I, through the written Words, will bind mankind to Facts, Rules that are Mine.

Men, through time, from now on will say, ‘This is impossible to believe, that The Maker of All Things, The Judge of all time, all life, would use a mere woman in the world.’

There is no reason why I would not, and I will not go into a further discussion or deliverance of My Reasons.  Faith in how I would work, Faith in how I would speak, Faith in the Reality of Me is the Important Factor, not who I would choose as an instrument to benefit all of mankind.”

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