ON MARCH 1, 1989


“There is so much Love I extend to you through This Great Miracle called ‘a Miracle of Hope’.  It is Hope, because It is a Teaching Miracle, a Miracle that instructs you how to live and the purpose of your way of life, and of course, the Great Purpose for which man was initially created.

The Father, in His Love of All He Has, All He Is, the Beauty that Heaven Is, has been taught through time in a very simple way, but in reality, human words in your way could not describe the Magnificence, the Beauty that awaits your Soul when It arrives Here one day.

There are many things The Father created upon the earth that have great beauty in them.  Some are settings that dramatize scenery, others are things you live with every day, everything within your human comprehension that you can understand, that you can accept, but Here in the Heavens Everything is far more Beautiful and Never-ending.

Never forget you have a Soul, That Portion of The Father that was truly instilled at the moment of conception.  My children, when you pray, remember to ask for the strength to use your senses, to use your intelligence, to use your will to make the correct decisions so that your beautiful Soul will not be sent away.

I do not want you to think that if a Soul is condemned to Hell, that a Portion of God suffers in Hell.  That is not so.  It is the loss of Heaven for the Soul, difficult for you to understand in your day, in your time, in your way, but remember What I have spoken on this night to you, with a Mother’s Love, for the good of your Soul to come This Way.

Be blessed and be aware that living the physical life is a Gift of Love.  The Soul is a Divine Gift of Love given to you to return Here one day.  So be it.”

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