ON OCTOBER 4, 1989


“This Organization was formed because of God’s Love for mankind.  The Organization was formed at the request of Our Heavenly Mother.  It is an Important Organization.  It was named after a Man Who walked a very strict way of life, Saint John Vianney.

He was not a Saint when he lived.  He was a very Holy, and yet very strict man in his own way.  Right was right and wrong was wrong, and that is how he wanted everyone to be, to understand that there was a way to show God love, there was a way to reject God, and he couldn’t stand to have anyone reject God.  He had given his life to support what he felt God wanted of him.

You men have been asked, in many ways, to walk out into the world and project right, good, honesty, charity, ethics, morality.

There is not one man in this room that does not know the difference between a moral issue, a moral situation, and an immoral issue and an immoral situation.  There is not one man present that does not know when the answer or temptation or interest should be accepted or denied.  There is not one man in this room, on his own, that does not know the value of ethics.

There is not one man who does not, in his heart, know that God truly exists, and that God, through promise and through the very act of being present in The Holy Eucharist, would ever deny His Divine Love to anyone who loved The Holy Eucharist.

If each of you were encircled with a barrier of glass, it would be difficult for you because the responsibility of what you could see through the glass would always be present, and you must remember that the mind can sin, the mind can be the most corrupt part of the whole body.  The mind is the decision maker for the benefit of the whole body.

And as I pass this instrument through what man would term ‘a glass wall’, the power of discernment, the innate understanding of What I Want is Very Important.

If each of you leave this meeting understanding that there is More within you than is medically accounted for, physically accounted for, you will be richer in understanding of what your life is all about.  As you move a hand, as you move an arm, as you move your head, as you move your leg, the physical responds to the mental in what you do.  Everything you do reflects into the Soul that was lovingly given to you.

The Soul is a Special Portion of Me.  The Soul is a Portion with which you will one day stand for Judgment of how you lived, how you spoke, how you reacted, what example you gave, what charity you projected, and how much love, how much thanksgiving you returned to Me.

Men say I would not speak.  I smile at this for man does not know Me in the way he knows another man.  If I created all things, then I have the Power to control all things, but in My Creation of man, I gave man a will so that man would use the ability to think, the ability to make decisions like I do, for My Love for the creation of man was so Special.

The moon cannot talk.  The earth cannot talk.  The sun cannot talk.  The stars do not speak.  The universe does not talk back to those who travel through it.  The universe does not speak to those who say what a beautiful place it is.  But I have created all you are, all you see, all you know, and many things beyond this, beyond human comprehension, understanding.

I use a frail woman, I use a fragile instrument, for it is not her power I use but Mine, to reach you.  Her obedience I use to demonstrate My Power in Words, to demonstrate how much I love mankind, for Me to use one such as you in your time.

The Lessons I have spoken, I have taught, and I have allowed Others Here also, to project to you a way of life, a means by which, through which I expect you to lead not just a dignified life, but a life of purpose, a life of hope, a life of understanding, a life of sharing, a life of giving, a life of Faith.  All these things, My sons, I have handed to you.

I have given you intellect.  I have given you vocations.  I have allowed you to choose which was which for you, which was best for you.  Sometimes you change your vocation, you find another interest.  It is My Hope always that you will use whatever you are, whatever you do, whomever you’re with, for the betterment of your whole life.

No man can preach or teach as I do, but always remember, as I use a frail instrument, if you allow Me, I can use you to be example to thousands.  Do not forget My Words.  Do not misunderstand What I have spoken, but think of It and let It be with you, so every moment of every day you will find the strength in the Faith in Me and What I have spoken, to lead a life that will return you to Me.

You are Loved, that goes without saying, but I say it to reassure you.  If I did not choose you from where you once stood, whether it was alone or in a crowd, there would be thousands here, but sometimes children do not understand:  to project What I Am, Who I Am, What I Want, I do not always choose thousands; I choose a small number to do My Will.  So be it.”

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