ON JANUARY 16, 1991


“I have spoken much today through this woman in the world.  There have been many Words spoken that she will commit to, submit to, in the days to come.

As most of you understand, a working project in life, in service to another human being, has responsibilities; you must understand that in service to Me, the responsibility is as strong as the power in the oceans, because the individual cannot use any physical strength to force back what I want delivered to children.  The Words are vocal first, for the most part, and then They are written for others to learn from, learn by, and learn about.

There are so many throughout the world, trying to experience a closeness in This Way to Me.  I do not reject them, but I know that I cannot use their desire to promote all the things I want people throughout the world to learn about.

There are so many forms and so many manners, so many ways that you can be total example of What I Am, What I Want, but sometimes you allow yourself your own motives, your own desires, your own hopes, your own dreams, to take precedence over What I Wish for you to do.  I do not condemn you for this.  I wait for your love for Me, to desire to do for Me in My Way, for you see, you have a will.”


He’s showing me a Vision.  He’s showing me masses of people kneeling and each individual is praying for a different thing.  Each person is kneeling for a different reason, some for selfish reasons, some for aid for others, and some just because others are kneeling.  The Vision is extensive in Its depth, and there are people of all ages.

There’s a very, very small child, and I would say the child is about two.  The child is imitating those who are holding their hands thusly,1 and the child reaches over to the man next to it, and he puts the man’s hands like this.1 The man’s hands were like this2 and the child pulled the fingers out, and the man said, “Thank you,” and the child shook his head; in other words, “You’re welcome.”

God is saying that some people, so many people in the world are afraid to make an open expression of humility because they do not want others to see them in this form of humility1, so they feel this2 is close enough, else they will gain attention and they will feel uncomfortable.

“Remember, when your hands are folded and pointed toward Me, it would be difficult for you to sin with them, for the very holding of them in this way would keep your mind in My Direction.

I bless each of you in a personal way, for your Faith, for your desire to please, for the hope that you have in your whole being, and I bless you with the strength to understand you are never alone.  I am where you are, for do not forget, you are never without a Part of Me, and that is one reason why it is so terrible for Me to see, such a horror for Me to see, if you are in a place of immorality, for when this happens your Soul cries out, ‘God, save Me.’ So be it.”

1 Hands folded in a formal manner, with all fingers pointed upward.

2 Hands folded with the fingers down in a clasped manner.

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