ON DECEMBER 13, 1991 AT 12:45 PM


“I send Signals through one Soul, and in these Signals I give Direction, Hope, Security and Love.

So many men would say I would not attract mankind’s attention through one individual as themselves, but I have spoken with Clear Words, Direct Words, telling mankind about an Important Part of their human life.  This Portion of living is a Portion of Me.  I give this Portion to mankind for strength against immorality, for strength against blindness that the enemy of man and Me tries to use constantly, so that My Will, will be ignored and cause Souls to be lost to a different realm than Mine.

Some men and women say, ‘The Power of God is so Great He could destroy, He could eliminate the evil in just a thought,’ but I say to you, ‘This would give mankind less chance to use the power of the will in My Way.’ There are so many reasons.  I will not go into them now, but I will in a later day.

All that I have spoken regarding the Importance of the Soul must be passed on to millions of people throughout the world.  It is not merely a Lesson, it is a Command.  My Love for mankind is boundless.  This is evident through this Great Gift, That Portion called ‘a Soul’.

The instrument through whom I pass My Words belongs totally to My Way, My Will.  There is much more to be given to mankind.  When the body rests, the physical that is, I will pass more on for My Will to be done, My Way to be obeyed for Souls to be saved, for do not forget, the Soul is a Portion of Me, and through My Commands, through My Willingness to show My Love for mankind, I have given mankind the opportunity to use the will to protect the Soul to be returned to Me for all time.  So be it.”

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