ON JULY 11, 1992 AT 2:48 PM


“I whisper constantly through a woman’s Soul, alerting her intellect what I want others to know.  She hears the slightest whisper, for she is totally in tune with My Entrance and My Way of reaching her.

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, will spend much time going through All the Messages that have been delivered in the way I Decreed for her to hear and to speak openly, to not only those who have a deep Faith in the Context, Content and Reasoning in All the Lessons, in All the Directions that have been entrusted to be handed to mankind, teaching the Close Association man has with Me.

The Soul is a Very Important Unity between man and Me.  It is more than a close connection, for It is a Portion of Me that I place within the human being so that one day It will return to Me in a particular manner and way.

I will have happiness unbelievable to man, for in man returning the Soul to Me, it is man saying, ‘Thank You, God, for the Love You had, the Trust You had, in allowing me the privilege of walking so close with You as man.’

It is the Ever-Presence of Me that gives mankind the ability to understand, that through sound values, sound standards, striving for purity, a better life, a Greater Place will be Part of that Special Gift for All Eternity.  So be it.”

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