ON JANUARY 6, 1981


“It would be safe to say that the language in which God handed to man the Ten Commandments was more explicit in the meaning of each Commandment than the various translations coming down through time through other languages.

We here in America, speaking a language called ‘English’, must be aware of how uncommanding the English language we know is.  Consequently, in this form of language, in its breaking things down to such a simple form, way, it has the tendency to omit the deep intrinsic sense of command that was intended by God through His Ten Commandments.

When we examine our conscience with the Ten Commandments as Guidelines, we should make an extreme effort to see the total depth of the reality God intended in each of These Commands for the good of our Soul.

Positively The Way1 has given us a deeper look into each Commandment.  It is more than a look through one’s conscience to determine what infractions we are committing against These Rules of God, for sometimes, if we depend totally upon our conscience, we can be too easy upon ourselves, and perhaps see things from a very biased point of view.  We should not base all things on conscience, but on the reality of its full meaning, and especially when it pertains to our Soul.”

1Refers to the Teaching on January 2, 1980.

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