ON JUNE 9, 1981


“There Is No Copyright

On The Ten Commandments.

Feel Free to Follow Them,

And Pass Them On To Everyone

In The Whole World.

There Are No Bounds

To Where You Can Spread Them.

There Is Just One Point

That Must Be Added To Them —


I.  I Am The Lord Thy God; Thou Shalt Not Have strange gods Before Me.

“My First Commandment says Who I Am, and tells all men that no one, or nothing, must ever take My Place.  Knowing this, how can men erroneously describe themselves as having extraordinary powers and divine capabilities, able to perform great deeds, using a facade of being special to Me with Gifts of Mine to use freely?

Throughout the world many sins are occurring against this Great Commandment of Mine.  There are many blasphemies, many indignities, many righteous stands in defiance of Me, defending humanistic decisions that give men false imagery and abusing Me in many ways.”

II.  Thou Shalt Not Take The Name Of The Lord Thy God In Vain.

“No man who ever walked with Me in My Time upon the earth would dare to curse Me or My Way even in jest.  The soldiers who cast many abominations My Way did not use as much foul language as I hear in your day My Way.  What makes man satisfy his own weakness by cursing Me or others, using language unfit for the lowliest of animals?

My Second Commandment commands man not to use My Name in vain.  How can man defend his arrogance, his vile contemptuousness, and disobey My Command in this way?”

III.  Remember Thou Keep Holy The Sabbath Day.

“My Third Commandment puts order to Faith in Me, for in its very command, it demands a given time to honor Me, to respect Me, to stand before Me in the way of man, and to pay Homage to Me in the Faith of True Spirituality that I established for man.”

IV.  Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.

“I made particular attention to a Commandment that would give stability to all the other Commandments.  This was to hold Honor to your Father and Mother.  This Command meant Honor to Me first and your Heavenly Mother first, then honor to your earthly parents.

This Commandment is abused because there is so little emphasis on instructing the young in the necessary respect that is to be a way and a part of their life, plus there is little mention of the duty to honor, that is necessary for the Salvation of one’s Soul.

There is a laxness that ‘must cease’ in how all people must demonstrate the Importance of The Heavenly Father and Mother, and the earthly father and mother.

Honor is practiced in several ways:  respect, obedience, acting in dignity and integrity, never falsely speaking or denying the relationship in any way.”

V.  Thou Shalt Not Kill.

“In My Fifth Commandment, I used one Word, and in this Word it was My Intention to cover many types of ways that men could kill each other.

Physical, mental and Spiritual, all have particular and peculiar methods, means and systems that can result in the killing of one or several parts of man.

To deal with each individual portion of man would take volumes to write, but once again, it can be put concisely:  No man should cause dangerous attempts on another man’s life, causing the physical life to cease for any reason.

Sometimes subversive plans to kill another’s life are without physical blows to the body.  The mental health should never be tampered with whereby the capabilities and abilities or the intellect is damaged in any way.  Whether it be thought justly or not, it is against My Commandment to harm or kill any part of another human being.

Moral decay is a killer.  It attacks the mind, the senses, the physical, and My much loved Souls.  Moral decay kills through the guise of many things, and is oftentimes disguised as pleasure.

Any sin against this Commandment supersedes My Privilege, My Justice toward all men.  It is a great sin and I will deal with it at the point of Judgment in the manner only I can.”

VI.  Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery.

“Because I created man to My Image and Likeness, it is important that sins against this Creation of Mine are of great concern to Me, and many times I find this sin difficult to watch.

Sins against the flesh of any form, in any manner, for any reason, defile the Purpose for which I created man, and it is an affront to My Purity, and it is contempt for the Soul I gave man that I expect one day to return to Me for All Eternity.

Sins of the flesh are many, and it is abrasive to the gentleness of Our Lady of Grace when impurities are performed by man, ignoring the Dignity of human life, the Purpose of human life, and the Special Privilege of human life.

Many men use offenses against this Commandment regularly, and they find it natural for them, sometimes humorous to them, and many times monetarily gainful to them.  I will deal harshly with many men for their abusiveness to the physical that was made to the Image and Likeness of Me.”

VII.  Thou Shalt Not Steal.

“There are so many excuses for disobedience to this Commandment.  There are many degrees of sinning against this Commandment.

Serious sins are when man tries to act with My Power, stealing what he feels he can emulate, imitate, portray or falsify to gather attention to himself.

Stealing another man’s will, stealing what belongs to someone else has no sound justice in its action or even in its attempt at this action.  It is a dastardly trick in many ways for it is based on self, self-love, selfishness, ego, and meanness, foolishness, on the act of being a bully.

Stealing is what satan used against Me, so this should give you some idea of My Contempt for it.”

VIII.  Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor.

“Oftentimes men frivolously abuse this Commandment, or they fear self-involvement, so they falsely use another as the scapegoat.

This Commandment brings Me much sadness because so many of My children justify their sins when they accuse, abuse, defile, diminish, or corrupt the name, the life, or the character of another person.

There should be a great awareness to the need to never sin against this Commandment, for when a man acts dishonestly in the direction of another man, he abuses what I have created to My Image and Likeness.”

IX.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife.

“In the esteem that I have openly shown for the marriage state, it is sad when I see anyone interfere in the slightest way with the dignity, the honor and the respect that this state in life should be held in by all people.

There is great purpose to the marriage state, and the purpose is one which I hold dear.  Any scandal against this state of life will be handled by Me, and severe.”

X.  Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Goods.

“When men feel they have rights to another man’s property, I cannot agree with their lack of dignity to take what is not theirs unjustly.

To confiscate or secure what belongs to another man robs him of what is rightfully gathered by him through his own intellect, through his own work, or through his own inheritance.  This is a grave sin against Me, for in My allowing this man to have what he has, and in My allowing him to attain it through his intellect or physical means, no man has the right to claim it.”

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