ON JUNE 21, 1978


“Immorality was the reason God had to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.  The people in these cities became so corrupt, so sinful in their desecration of their minds, their bodies and their Souls, that it was necessary for God to use fire to destroy everything they stood for in their actions, words and deeds.  Fire has a way of cleansing where nothing else can, and at the same time can destroy totally where it occurs.

Today we live with immorality in many areas.  Men are capitalizing on it through pornography, abortion, adultery, theft, the killing of men’s minds and bodies, the desecration of human life, human belongings, and of course, first and above all, the lack of Honor being paid to God, dragging Him down to a humanistic level, relating only to an animalistic value.

Immorality is acceptable by the intelligent people, by the knowledgeable people, and by those who do not have too much good sense.  It has infiltrated every area of life.  The bond of marriage is laughed at, through promiscuous acceptability of adultery.  Men have accepted the bondage of immorality and rejected the freedom of morality.  Children are being taught to be freethinkers, to do what they want, not what is correct.  The Ten Commandments are forgotten, and where They are remembered, are diluted to fit the occasion, the purpose, the people, the event, the environment.  Men and women are bragging about abortion, about vasectomies, about the pill.  Men and women flaunt before God, indecencies, promiscuities, indifferences, desecrating the temple for life He created for man’s part in procreation.  Children are being taught insolence, arrogance, false independence, irrational motivations.

There are so many areas of false happiness, teaching people of all ages to escape reality through drugs, alcohol and contraceptives.  There is no accent put on self-control, self-discipline.  There is no Importance put on the Purpose of human life, the true care meant for it, and the Goal God intended it to reach.  Purity is used in areas where drugs are concerned, and other such items.  Never do we hear men speak of purity, the goal connected with the belief and the discipline where the Ten Commandments are to be followed.

Religion, in many ways, is a mockery when it is dictated by men and women who make it a businesslike way of life for monetary gain or to control other lives.  The Faith extended by these people is weak.  The One True Church, instituted by God, has not just the formula of Truth, but the direction and the means.  Holy Mother Church is the One True Church.  We must not forget this.  We have the beautiful Sacrament of Holy Communion with God.  It is up to us who truly believe in This to express through our actions what God intended to be:  obedience to the Ten Commandments, teaching moral obligations to our families, being example of these moral obligations to everyone we come in contact with.  We can be like the fire at Sodom and Gomorrah, a cleansing to burn out immorality with the fire of our love for God.”

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